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43 replies
  1. Avatar
    Belgian Prepper says:

    Hey, i find that any form of prepping is good…
    Can't hurt to buy you some time to get past even the first few weeks is already something!
    Of course you van go as feep as you like and that's all the better for you and your family…
    Good luck!

  2. Avatar
    Mosaicmaster 1 says:

    I been through a couple of decent grid downs…2 lasted over 30 days and the last big grid down lasted 6 months during the aftermath of Irma and Maria…I have now been in over 200 blackouts…I am now in the process of fixing all the holes in my preps.

  3. Avatar
    OutDoorPegasus says:

    I disagree with you on the Mormons. The ones who I know have told me that they keep arms and mein some cases give ammunition to the church as a tithe. It could just be those in the United States.

  4. Avatar
    Bob Zemko says:

    OPSEC is essential! Hopefully, you are established in a group, you have prepared, trained, and your BOL is set. The Shit Storm is on the way. Prepare well & dig in. Cheers.

  5. Avatar
    CRY.BABY says:

    sale, a 1952 M 48 tank. i only have 19 rounds of mixed 90mm rounds.. good for storing canned peaches…
    educational booklet included.. get's great m p- g… comes with smoke alarm…..

  6. Avatar
    fsteddie95 says:

    Yeah I've been to Iraq and yes sometimes I can still see the burning bodies and still smell death but then again that probably makes me a crazy dangerous veteran just as I've been labeled enjoy SHTF when it happens

  7. Avatar
    fsteddie95 says:

    Speaking of the short film black out the daughters boyfriend would've been shot by myself if that had of been part of the scenario if I was involved because that son of a bitch is going to get somebody killed probably he would've never been allowed to go to the bug out location and if my daughter gave me any crap she probably would've been hogtied and take into the bug out location because I don't put up with that shit and yes I'm X military

  8. Avatar
    caps201 says:

    Good video but students exhibiting withdrawal similar to heroin withdrawal when social media was taken away? Sorry that is way to out there for comparison. If u ever experienced opiate withdrawal, comparing to social media withdrawal is an assanine statement. Not that it's your comparison but in general it's a very bad comparison.

  9. Avatar
    Crottinger says:

    I agree that most preppers will die in a true apocalypse. I watch the Walking Dead and even people who are in heavily armed survival communities don't survive.  I know this a tv show, but I don't think the world would be a lot different (zombies excluded) in a true every man for himself world. I think prepping makes the most sense for short term emergencies.  In an end of civilization environment, few will survive prepped or not.

  10. Avatar
    ensitu says:

    The best movie I ever watched was a 1980's-90's production set in LA where the event is never described or shown but results in a societal break-down and the lives of 20 somethings as they deal with the WROL that ensues

  11. Avatar
    James Fenton says:

    The greatest danger, preppers within the group which may loose courage, turn and run. Nothing like finding yourself in a bad spot and abandoned. They may say the right thing's, but doing SHTF stuff, lets face it, if it's a battle, not everyone is going to follow orders. And that is no way to lose in a survival situation.Having a moral compass and adhering to it in an emergency situation could be trouble. "I don't know what happened, I couldn't hurt that guy with the gun, Last thing you want are folks without any training being responsible for your safety.

  12. Avatar
    Seth Adam says:

    This video is 3 years old now, any predictions on when dooms day arrives, OH! your still prepping, how about prepping on your next END OF THE WORLD video with a microphone that actually has volume.

  13. Avatar
    Minh Huynh says:

    There are some interesting linguistic links between the ancient Sumerians and the present day Hopi Indians. Additionally, almost all of the old Hopi Indian Prophecies seem to have already come true for America. There only seems to be one left, the Blue Star Kachina Prophecy. Perhaps this is the International Space Station. Also, according to the prophecies, the Hopi Indian Reservation seems to offer HOPE for surviving WW3. Please read the prophecies.

  14. Avatar
    David S-L says:

    I never hear anyone talk about shtf scavs,… or scavengers,… you see,… im an expert knife thrower I am trained in Kung Fu and Karate,… I have knives for different purposes,… a bow staff, I have years of experince in getting into places im not supposed to,… and if/when shtf I'll be a scav,… im trained to booby trap my sleep spot, wherever it might be, im one of these keep moving and keep alive type people,…. but there's no video anywhere about that,….

  15. Avatar
    eric777100763 says:

    I would be one of the best Preppers probably what would get me the was feeling too sorry for someone helping them and then realizing it I have in essence betrayed myself I hate to say it but if it hits the fan you have to be rather hard nose

  16. Avatar
    Jacob Estrada says:

    lets just say not all Mormons, or college students are incapable. thanks for the plug and disclaimer. i almost agree wholeheartedly with you vid. the canning we do is a small, open part of what we do. everything else is more behind the curtain 😉

  17. Avatar
    OutDoorPegasus says:

    've seen a lot of Mormons who are encouraged to have and se weapons. in the US there are large groups of them who have ammo reloading parties or have shooting groups they just don't talk about it. though you are completely rite about some of them being single minded

  18. Avatar
    JHAYKHAY25 says:

    With the looting/gangs ect. you have to stay out of their way only until the cholera/typhoid/diphtheria kicks in after sewage/waste collection, bodies taken away stops in urban areas, I'm led to believe this is roughly 2/3 weeks. This will clear the streets quicker than any riot squad ever. Unfortunately people will go to the countryside to try to escape the disease spreading it further and polluting water sources as they go. All any of us can do at this point is keep out of the way, rely on our knowledge and prey. Ironically, I seem to remember the only way to get rid of cholera once the carriers have recovered/died is to burn everything it has come into contact with so the looters will have to burn much of their loot or face death, who says there's no justice in this world!

  19. Avatar
    Ben Vanderhoek says:

    About the mormons I think you miss that they have a built in community or congregations and organization for a SHTF you see mormons with their cases of food. Your assuming they'll stay in their houses and not organize with their congregation. Your reaching out and networking theirs is already built in. Im a mormon in my congregation we have exmilitary cops, campers, farmers, mechanics we have someone who works in water filtration for the city. Thats where I disagree with you in that mormons are going to die.

  20. Avatar
    Paul Bland says:

    As a prepper, I am basing my survival on not having a firearm as here in Australia we are basically a gun free society. Access to knives and hunting bows are abundant. So the chance of coming across a gun toting gangster is very slim. Mobs or gangs will still be an obstacle, but few and far between.
    Learning self defense, and basice survival skills is a good start.
    If you smoke cigarettes, give them up, you will need your fitness and you don't want to be having nicotine withdrawals whilst trying to deal with the big picture. Try to make your needs in life as simple as possible. Still enjoy the pleasures of life, but be ready to make that change at an instant.

  21. Avatar
    Ashley Maxwell says:

    I am a Mormon and you have us all wrong. We have the food warehouse for people that don't have enough food for their families and some warehouses we send food to places in africa!!! We are advised to keep a kit at home and be prepared but each family makes their own choices.


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