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49 replies
  1. Avatar
    James Hagle says:

    This kind of confirms the VIVID dream that I had' Was of a Slinging Snake that could almost fly!
    It bypassed the animal 'Cat' that was in the room , He tried to get me but I left the room and I was OK,
    I was wondering why the snake did not try to attack this cat in my dream.

  2. Avatar
    Foodways Distribution says:

    Is this the first she heard of woooohaaan, whooooohaaan, say it one more time. Heh. All in All it is a dumb video. Wuhan is a big city, bigger than London. Finding a scifi novel about it is not news or some conspiracy. Grow a brain, ffs

  3. Avatar
    Andy Scusting says:

    Fascinating stuff , the cover of the 1979 Supertramp " Breakfast in America " twelve inch predicted 911 in New York …… Please Google it …… This twelve inch is in my music collection .

  4. Avatar
    Paul Cameron says:

    obviously the Wuhan Coranavirus was planned 40 years ago by the elites; and I believe the vaccine that will be released world wide will proove much more dangerous than the Coranavirus itself !!!!

  5. Avatar
    Liz M says:

    Wuhan has a bio lab in their city, thats where he started the plot for his book. Research biosafety level 4 (BSL-4) Hubei. But you're right, the elite do have to speak the spell for it to work.

  6. Avatar
    Craig Jones says:

    Actually Lisa Richie from Boston had a video from last year on his channel. It was a conference that was video tapped. It shows bill gates giving a speech stating. That real soon a virus will be responsible for killing millions of people. Over the next few years.

  7. Avatar
    Little Stinker says:

    [#1 of 2 plus my question ? ]
    November 30, 2017

    Could massive exterminations of Pangolin be the problem?

    #2 of 2

    YEAR 2020

    [ My Question ]
    Could the massive exterminations of Pangolins be part of the problem concerning coronavirus?

  8. Avatar
    Jack Sprat says:

    The occult tell everyone what they are going to do years or months beforehand. Why? Because in witchcraft you pretty much have to tell and show what's going to happen otherwise it comes back on you 3 fold. Or 3 times greater than the spell you've cast upon others. It's pretty much the rules.

  9. Avatar
    Excalaber ll says:

    Hi Lisa. Watched you for many years. Can you help Steven Ben Nun at Israeli News Live with his technical programming, mainly for helping his closing videos. Just like yours which are A plus. I love his channel but he's a bit goofy when it comes to the technical side of things. If there is anybody else out there that can help Steve , please lend a Godly hand. What a great gift it shall be. 🕎✝✝🕎

  10. Avatar
    Helena Jordan says:

    Coronavirus now renamed COVID – 19.
    Break the code use the Bible and Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible.
    C = 3 rd letter of alphabet. Strong's 3 = Abaddon, Angel of the Bottomless Pit.
    OVID = Latin for sheep.
    19 = Strong's 19 = slaughter.
    Satan is about to be released from the Pit to slaughter the sheep …
    Sheep … all humans who have not been saved by confessing their sins and asking Yahushua ben David – Jesus Christ for His forgiveness. Yahushua said ""I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me."

  11. Avatar
    Caili's Critters says:

    Dean Koontz is a brilliant author but a lot of books seem to be prophetic; just because something became true in one of them doesn't mean there's some kind of conspiracy. Wuhan has been around for thousands of years and was briefly China's capitol about 100 years ago. There very well could have been a lab in Wuhan back in the 80s that he used in his book to make his writing more plausible. Also, there certainly were patents for viruses much earlier than the 80s and are very easy to look up.


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