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Dave, one of our favorite YouTube viewers, recently commented about the dangerous mistakes that well-meaning preppers make as a result of ignorance. Some people believe whatever they read or watch without taking the time to investigate the facts. There is a lot of misinformation floating around on the internet.

How do I avoid making the rookie mistakes common among newbie preppers? The best way to avoid rookie prepper mistakes is to carefully consider the source of the information. Take time to investigate the facts on your own. Avoid all of the hype and fear mongering. Carefully evaluate the greatest risks you face and take reasonable steps to mitigate those risks.

In this video, we review the top rookie prepper mistakes and how to make sure that you avoid them. A huge thanks to our seasoned prepper friends who contributed the valuable content for this video.

This video was created based from the information in our post:

How to Avoid Rookie Prepper Mistakes

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32 replies
  1. Avatar
    László Vass says:

    Since there have been many catastrophes, wars, invasions (literally) and economic collapses (etc.) here since 1990, we, Central-Eastern-Europeans have lots of experiences:

    In fact, during SHTF situations the main problematic period is usually no more than 3-4 days long. This is why 72-hour packages are widespread in European countries, and in some countries (Switzerland, Sweden, Czech Republic) in principle, it must be kept at home; but it is also recommended in other countries (eg. Hungary, Slowakia, Poland, and so on).

    Longer-term disasters need to be addressed at community level, so community building is more important, than obtain a BOB. This is the MAIN preppers' FAIL.
    I understand this rambo/western-based mania about lonely survival on the prairie/forest, but after a real SHTF, actually The Survival means hoeing, carpentry, whitewashing and removal of ruins, not bushcraft in a deserted forest. So instead of BOB, you should get Get Home Bag, lots of disinfectants in the garage, and a small cultivated vegetable garden at the back instead of grassy yard with pool.

    I have no idea what 'murican preppers think where and when they live… Even in the center of a greatest shit happended around me (except for the Yugoslav civil war), international help came in max 3-5 days. This is the 21st century, every bigger country (and many of smaller ones) has disaster response teams, mobile hospitals, that can be packed on aircrafts or ships. In practice, not only local but also German, Czech, Hungarian, Swedish, Russian, Japanese and even Ukrainian rescue teams worked in Italy during an earthquake.

  2. Avatar
    whisperingsage says:

    I have been using the toilet bucket since 1988, it is a way of life and I've never tipped it over. Look up the Humanure handbook. We can build a nice holder for nthe bucket, but we have no room currently.

  3. Avatar
    John Booth says:

    As a combat veteran, lifelong woodsman & hunter, and someone who has been an active prepper since before the term "prepping" was invented, I'm amazed at the dribble that passes for good advice. This video sounds like you guys read a book or two, then decided to start a YouTube channel & call yourselves experts. If you're offering advice to "rookies" how about offering some sound advice from your experiences, instead of just regurgitating someone else's advice.

  4. Avatar
    SIG Swanstrom says:

    I applaud your efforts with this video. Your comments about our need to filter the information we receive is of central importance. Well-meaning people, videos, and books written by preppers, and even government agencies, often regurgitate old information that either doesn't work in the real world or is no longer valid. Check your sources, and look for validation from seasoned experts, not enthusiastic or charismatic YouTubers.

    The main pitfall I observe among my students is that they prepare in areas that pique their interest, rather than develop well-rounded, comprehensive preparations. As pointed out in this video, it's better to start with everything you will need to live life, on your own for two weeks, without power and tap water, without shopping and outside assistance. Then, move on to 1-month, then 2-months, etc.

    Balance is key. Even if you have a garden, you will need to plan for a diet that is nutritionally balanced. And, don't forget to plan for crop failure, too.

    Getting prepared is a daunting task. It's easy to become overwhelmed, or get stuck in a loop of endless thinking and talking, rather than doing. As they said in this video, pace yourself; plan your steps. Develop a plan. And, seek balance in your preparations.

    Don't work on collecting a year of food, and then work on water, followed by security, etc. In each goal (2-weeks, 1-month, etc.), work on the most important, first. 1. Immediate security/safety/emergency medical care, 2. pure water, 3. shelter from the elements, then 4. food. You can live for 3-4 weeks on almost no food, but only three days without water. Having a thriving garden is wonderful, but if you can't prevent theft, you're just feeding the local gangs.

    The comments in the video on operational security need to be taken seriously.

    Don't just prepare to shelter in place. Have an evacuation plan with a thoughtfully selected destination in mind, that you've prepared in advance. Don't just get ready to get out of town, prepare to travel to your safe-haven.

    Getting out early solves a multitude of problems. The short story, "Ready to Roll" by David Crawford (better known for his book, "Lights Out") is a powerful reminder of the importance of early evacuation. Get out quickly, as soon as you discern that the situation has the potential to be a major problem.

    Community is important, but prepare as if you will be on your own. And as they said in this video, practice.

  5. Avatar
    Granny Prepper says:

    I love lima beans. Lol. I have a very close friend that I slowly started talking to about prepping. When she saw "some" of our preps she said "I'll just come to your house" I quickly informed her that's NOT an option. Now that she's learned a few things, she wants to move off grid. She thinks she's Rambo I guess, lol.

  6. Avatar
    Clemis Lilly says:

    i have come to the conclusion that storing mass amounts of water is useless 1#if you bug out 2#if people you know or there friends find out 3# giving where you live city or urban chances are in the city if a total grid out you might want to leave after 2 wks caos could run rampant !

  7. Avatar
    hasdrubal121 says:

    I failed to brief my wife on OPSEC, fortunately she discussed my mindset at her work. Many miles away from home. When she mentioned it to me I had to brief her on the importance of OPSEC. I even included family in this need to know info. I dont mind having a chat, provided my family doesn't become a target or an object of ridicule. I'd rather we were known as Gardner's and when close family show up we can help them. That way they won't shout from rooftops how stupid we are for preparing and bringing all their friends when things go south. Thanks for sharing

  8. Avatar
    Pat Geren says:

    Love how man speaks, then woman speaks, then man speaks, then woman speaks, then man speaks, then woman speaks . How novel !!! And to be 100% inclusive ( I think that is the PC word to use) why not inject a homo sexual , a black person, a person permanently visiting from another country ??? Gosh that would be so inclusive !

  9. Avatar
    Thomas Lindenthal says:

    So that with kerosene coal coke or other combustibles wood, every idiot should know that it does not burn in closed spaces. 2. Preparation needs is a knife an ax. and a bag full of ideas. otherwise he needs nothing except craftsmanship. because that's how it all started. and there he already has a knife and the ax as an advantage and a lenght of knowledge that did not exist back then. so much for preparation. If you can not do that or need medicine, you have already lost it

  10. Avatar
    ParisianPrincess says:

    bucket toilets are a breeding ground for bacteria, cholera typhoid and dysentery – don't just buy supplies, plan for where it will be located, how waste will be disposed of, how you will keep it clean (as a clinical epidemiologist, my two favourite words are bleach and burn – its how we kill pretty much everything in the lab, and how we contain pandemic level viruses. so getting a stainless steel bucket and toilet seat will be most sanitary) and also how you will keep your camp clean (constant hand washing, adequate ventilation, quarantining the sick, food preparation protocols, and a boiling station for linens/clothing/bandages, etc – with separate utensils and area from food preps)

  11. Avatar
    country autumns says:

    Good info but had to stop listening after a few. Wish they'd speak at about the same volume. She speaks so softly vs him. Hearing impaired folks have to keep bumping the volume to hear her, and not have him way too loud. Minor issue for folks who hear well I guess 🙂

  12. Avatar
    Gregory Adkins says:

    I agree on all points,,I don’t trust anyone else,no offense but your warnings in general,means you are basically saying don’t listen or trust us either.Only the person prepping,knows what’s good for them.and what they need,food and non food wise.

  13. Avatar
    Gordon Sherriff-Smith says:

    Thanks, great information. I am an older retired nurse in Oz – male, and am prepping slowly, thinking What can I contribute after whatever happens, and you made me think with your great comments…we help each other and I may be of use after all and to teach others medical advice, so thank you for your loving advice it put things into perspective on many levels..:)

  14. Avatar
    Lisa Skipper says:

    New to the channel and to emergency preparedness. I was wondering if you could do a video on how to prep or ideas to help with prepping with small babies in the family. since they grow so fast just wondering the best way to prep with them in mind. thank you.

  15. Avatar
    Michael Meyers says:

    So you talk about jot telling people about your supplies and to not advertise your stash but yet you put your face on YouTube for the world to know who you are and that you are a prepper rookie mistake dont make videos claiming you have stuff people want or will want rule #1

  16. Avatar
    rip industries says:

    Good information great job!! The truth about prepping learn some skills you can put food back but if something happens where you don't have it you will die slow so learn to survive with nothing just like our ancestors did it not that hard

  17. Avatar
    Louise Visser says:

    Thank you
    Noted. Please consider the following: Hygiene for woman – please I never want to – boiling cotton sanitary ware. Storing food – the bags you vacuum for clothes – the small ones work well for pasta. I missed water filtration for a family, as I am alone I thought only of myself. You truly made me rethink.


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