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23 replies
  1. Avatar
    Pat Geren says:

    I expect violence nationwide if Democrats don't win . Americans are more divided today than during the Vietnam War period . I told young folks that were too young , or not born till later , that the nation was very near breaking-up back then . New sub and just want to say you are doing great work ! God bless!

  2. Avatar
    Noobie forlife says:

    When Obama won, the world didn't end. If Trump loses, it won't be the beginning of the Apocalypse. The biggest problems facing the country, won't be changed by who is the president. Keep prepping and stay ready.

  3. Avatar
    David Palmer says:

    I agree with you on the most important 10 things to do and the potential for chaos leading up to or during the election process no matter who wins! Good information. Thanks for sharing! O Yeah! I'm a Christian and believe and trust in God too! You are right to prepare. God does not need us to do His will, but has chosen to do so during this time! He wants us to trust in Him always and pray, but he wants us to protect those we love! I love my family and all America loving people and plan on doing everything I can to protect them against evil!. Only good can or will stop evil! Many of those commenting were just saying pray to God and get right! I'm right with God I promise. Anyone that prays to God about this is going to get the same answer! God's people are to be light and salt. Neither of those are passive! Protect this country like all those who have fought, sacrificed and died already protecting this country. No greater love than a man give his life for others!

  4. Avatar
    Ben Dover says:

    My 2 cents… Trump will win 2020 because many voters think the libs are insane with 852 genders and everyone gets a trophy. BUT due to the brainwashing of the youth, the libs will eventually win because they control almost all media and we will be done for.

  5. Avatar
    the Curry says:

    Democrats have become among some of the most evil people who ever lived whether they know it it not. They want to censor; destroy the first amendment. Freedom of speech was the first because it was the most important. Our rights weren't just arbitrarily put in order. They need it abolished because the pen(words) is mightier than the sword. Free speech is a danger to their existence. They want to put everyone into labeled groups and subgroups. Individuality is no longer important. It is, in fact, heavily frowned upon. This is problematic because once people are officially labeled, the unpopular groups and subsets can become dismissed, detained or gotten rid of completely. If you don't agree with all the absolutely ridiculous stances they've taken, you are hated. They're ignoring basic biology and trying to rewrite cold hard facts into fantasy based on mental illnesses. Morals and simple ethics are frowned upon. They've changed the meanings of words and phrases to fit their narrative. And their unmitigated hated and bigotry is under the veil of "compassion". All the "___isms", "___ists", Nazi and toxicity claims are just more ways to use willful ignorance to wrongfully label so you can be dismissed without debate. Division is a key to total control. They only want open borders and push so hard to make it seem like they care about minorities to gain votes. And placing blame at the feet of groups instead of looking inward is a major component in their agenda to host the oppression Olympics and build their precious victimhood pyramid scheme. People of these mindsets are completely lost, utterly foolish or undeniably evil.

  6. Avatar
    George Hutcheson says:

    Thanks M.D great info and we'll explained. There's lots of places to hide and survive in these here Appalachian mountains. I think us MT. PEOPLE will fair well in the times of trouble that's just ahead. 🇺🇸✌️Thanks again GOD BLESS you and yours 🙏

  7. Avatar
    S Masco says:

    Correction please medical Mafia. Channel herbs Plus beadwork. Tony shows you how to make all kinds of cures. One being, Ginger processed through a meat grinder. . Chemtrails have Nano aluminum in them. 5G is a weapon thanks Trump. Rand Paul is an activist 4 anti-abortion.

  8. Avatar
    Daniel Marshall says:

    Good good advice Mr Creekmore, and those beans and rice will taste really good once the stores have been empty for a few weeks. Also anyone who has the time have a good look at Europe and here in the UK to see how things go when you have "democrats" running the show.

  9. Avatar
    Nancy Selzer says:

    This 16 minute video could have been cut down to 5 minutes, if M.D. didn't ramble on so.  We really don't give a darn if you live close to a river or a forest, for example.   Actually, he could have put up a sign with his "10 Things" and saved us all a bunch of time.

  10. Avatar
    Bruce Krall says:

    Trump and his followers are getting too cocky. This may result in a Democrat being our next POTUS. Time to settle down and limit the verbal battles. People are going to start to get tired of the tweets and posts on social media. 18 more months to the election. I really got tired of 2 years of B.S. for the last election.

  11. Avatar
    Theo Fulk says:

    Research this— 3 acts of Propaganda around 2012— HR5736, HR4310, and NDAA2013 — It may make you sick, but it will make you informed. An equally important search is CHRIS BOLLYN, solved 9/11 and the nazi government doesn't want you to know WHO THE TERRORISTS ARE—- who are in control of almost everything you have or know., including all media, to every extent.


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