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    Milton Sperring says:

    These make ideal thermal mass for those with solar or boiler hot water. Normally they hold 1000 kgs of water but if you put your hot and cold thermal exchange loops in and you can gently fill them with gravel, top up with glycol and water and you have about 4 tonnes of thermal mass. Strap polystyrene around the outside of the cage and backfill with shredded polystyrene and you're set. The glycol keeps the thing sterile and ensures good conductivity between the mass and the loop

  2. Avatar
    TC time says:

    Somebody out there should build a wall out of these things for their shop they could film full of water and circulate hot water with a rocket heater for heat in the winter light would go through for the summer be plenty of structure there to hold weight and if you wanted to you could cut them up and use them for storage on the inside

  3. Avatar
    JGH Boyes says:

    I've seen the used for anti-vehicle blocks, when filled with concrete (Vibrated into the corners), Also, filled with concrete, sign post bases for many road signs & route marking venues. Adapting the lighting idea & using modern led "corn" lamps, you could give an air strip night lighting for the runway area itself. Not the approach lighting though (too much material demands being placed to do that.
    Take the filled with concrete option mentioned above, using the shooting hide for hunters & build blockhouse pillboxes using IBCs with hard armouring.

  4. Avatar
    Leif NKC says:

    Another way to block light that I haven't seen is wrap them in black plastic sheeting and use black duct tape for the seams. Mine look great and no algae… I think the cost to wrap was about $7/each if I remember correctly…

  5. Avatar
    Shawn Defeudis says:

    Floating dock, huge ice bin on roof for cooling, root cellar?, emergency gas in yard for when prices go down a buck, backup generator fuel(wow), ..I liked haw and spayer the best….paint ball or kids fort? I was thinking art paintings..or flip upside down for a homeless persons home? on wheels. Cage for a faraday cage? Ingredients for a food company. I like idea of a factory value added full tiny home septic system or tank.

  6. Avatar
    Shawn Defeudis says:

    Church fundraiser carnival car washes. dunk tanks..and high school sports massage tank… church needs donations.10-50 percent…save the corners..three barns. I have paypal.

  7. Avatar
    Shawn Defeudis says:

    School aquaculture fish farm experiments…minnows….bobbing for apples halloween… pool if poor…cut in half….wave tank hs experiements…..big ass mixing bowl……save one for me guys..sheesh.

  8. Avatar
    Rob Mitchell says:

    Why do you give the volume in gallons? No one in the world except Americans use gallons now. You have missed the point of them. They are 1,000 litres, that instantly tells you the mass. If it's water its 1 tonne, if its oil its a bit less than a tonne. These things are the beauty and intelligence of metric in practise. Which gallon did you quote, the full gallon or the little US gallon?


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