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  1. Avatar
    Laura Sida says:

    I worked the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. We double bag and bleached and placed all of the bodies of the dead in mass graves. We had lists of who was buried where, but there were a lot found in the street or brought in by taxi that no one claimed. Part of our project was for us to try and connect. the bereaved with resources and information on what happened to their loved one. Pray for our brothers and sisters in China who don't know God's love, don't have faith, rely on a government that will be quickly over taxed to save them. God Bless China.

  2. Avatar
    North Point Axe says:

    As you may or may not know, my wife works for the CDC. They are currently making the mobilization list. As in who is going to be pulled off their jobs and reposted for disaster work. Some employees are considered too essential to be pulled away from their work. This only means the CDC is getting ready NOT saying they are in full freakout mode. BUT they are getting ready in case they are suddenly needed.
    Advice, stay healthy, avoid large crowds and public area's and wash your hands frequently (oh an avoid public restrooms).

  3. Avatar
    Paul WILLHITE says:

    I agree especially with points one and two. Being prepared for chaos and actually looking forward to it are tow totally different things. Some people just don't realize how much suck is headed their way if life as we know it goes to hell. So glad you made that point.

  4. Avatar
    ? says:

    youtube puts this under the title of your video


    Get the latest information from the World Health Organization about coronavirus.

    I go to there website and it shows a diagram on their video saying it originated from a few animals including the bat lmao.

  5. Avatar
    Bob Scruggs says:

    I am 78 I have heard the last days are almost here for like 65 years , in 1970's the churches were saying the same things due to the 1967 and 1973 war in Jerusalem I think we are far from that day since everything centers Jerusalem not the USA . Now our rights are being taken away gun control , free speech etc yes it's time to stand up for freedom but keep in mind the Lord is in full control , however He is not going to continue to bless this country when we murder thousands through legal abortion every year , scriptures don't even mention the USA only part of the young Lions that do not help Israel when they need it most, also Israel will obtain all the land God gave them in the last days which means a couple great battles coming up soon and they gain much wealth OIL ?

  6. Avatar
    Che1 bt28 says:

    This reminds me… about SHTF in regards to an American Civil War. I beg God that does not happen. I pray to God that he change the hearts of the people stirring the flames. There are many people out there whose livelihoods would be totally gone if the country split. My disabled veteran husband rated 100%, he can't work. I care for him and our babies. If he even lifts our toddler girl his intestines might go splat and need to be removed (a military injury not his fault). So many people like him would be left destitute and without medical care. Would the new country offer to pay him what the USA is paying him, ya know, the deal the country made with him saying if he got hurt they'd care for him? What about all the old grandpas and grandmas? How quickly are the new countries/country/whatever going to get a government up and running to provide for the elderly? My 90 year old Pappy who cleaned up Germany at the end of the WW2, is it just bye bye Pappy, no more medicine? Many jobs are often provided by companies located in another state, hundreds of thousands are going to be without work. Most people are not prepared. It would be a very hard time for kids, the disabled, the elderly, not to mention the brave men who I guess would be shooting at fellow citizens. If there absolutely has to be any shooting, I hope it's quick, well thought out, and aimed at the crazy elite leaders and not the dummies they are going use as a sacrifice to save their own butts. I hope the country stays together but turns from the madhouse of sin. God help us all!

  7. Avatar
    Pooka says:

    Many will be surprised at how quickly much of what is going on there will be active here. Be ready to shelter in place without any public contact and pray pray pray.

    Those wanting these bad things to happen are really sick in some way or the other. No matter the tragedy, there are always some who want it to happen. Their sickness makes me sick.


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