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Here are some of the books I have found useful as a Prepper (see links below). What are some of the books you have found useful?

* Going Home:
* Alas Babylon:
* Lucifer’s hammer:
* One second after:

Prepper specific books
* The Prepper’s pocket guide:
* The Prepper’s blueprint:
* Built to survive:
* The prepper’s cookbook:
* Food storage for self-sufficiency and survival:
* Prepper’s home defense:
* Prepper’s long-term survival:

Forward-thinking books
* Collapse:
* The next 100 Years:

Finances / Self Help
* Rich dad, poor dad:
* Why we want you to be rich:
* Financial peace:
* The 10x rule:

* The Survivor’s club:

* Where there is no dentist:
* The survival medicine handbook:

Developing skills
* The chicken whisperer’s guide to keeping chickens:
* All new square foot gardening:
* Beekeeping for dummies:
* The hive and the honey revisited:
* The backyard homestead:
* Mini Farming:
* The Meals in a Jar:

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34 replies
  1. Avatar
    Patricia Hart says:

    A couple of my recommendations would be
    1. Dare to Prepare by Holly Drennan Deyo (available from Stan Deyo's website)
    2. The Art of War by Sun Tzu (try Half Price Books – they usually have it cheap – but you should be able to find it at any bookstore. It is an OLD military classic that could be useful in a SHTF situation.)
    3. Medicinal Herbs, A Beginners Guide by Rosemary Gladstar.

    Those are my current top 3.

  2. Avatar
    Sgt Splice says:

    I'm old and old school. In my opinion you need more "how to" reference books. You have a few, but you are missing out on a lot of categories……. 1. Back to Basics (any printing) 2. Nuclear war Survival Skills (any printing) 3. Books on Dehydrating 4. More in preserving/ pickling foods 5. Antique cooking skills including soaps, rendering, sundries, brewing and other strategies. 'Stocking Up" is one of the best on general food storage. 6. Gardening books for your location. Most gardening books are for California or east coast. Much of which doesn't apply to an area where there is periods of drought, or high winds, or red gumbo clay, sand, etc….

  3. Avatar
    jimmy fortrue says:

    If you like alas Babylon, you may like Maleval by Robert Merle. 1972.
    Earth Abides by George R. Stewart 1949
    For nonfiction try authors Ragnar Benson. ( Survival poaching)
    Mel Tappan author of Tappan on survival.
    Older issues of "The Mother Earth News" magazine have some good back to the land ideas of all kinds. Especially from the 1970's and 1980's before they were sold and changed into a Martha Stewart type yuppie format.

    Oh just remembered a book titled "Eat the weeds" can't remember the author…
    Maybe Euell Gibbons … Another old time forager who wrote good books .

  4. Avatar
    Brad Johnson says:

    You forgot the bible, the ultimate book to survive the "end times" that is coming, tells what year it will happen, what will happen, and what to do… Follow God. Noah and Lot were glad they did

  5. Avatar
    Soldier For God says:

    I was just looking at the front page of your video and the book I see missing the most important book of all is the BIBLE !!!!!.. I see you got a book about Lucifers hammer , not to smart.

  6. Avatar
    That Guy says:

    Atlas that shows animals traditional home ranges. (Look how the wildlife has moved back into the Chernobyl zone).
    Most up to date almanac to keep up with daylight savings, seasons, moon phases (great for hunting/fishing and planting crops).
    Up to date illustrated Physicians Desk Reference for easy medicine/pill identification.
    Pre-1960 cookbooks when ingredients where still real.

  7. Avatar
    kaos coveney says:

    CIA Lock Picking Field Operative Training …PDF

    The Complete Guide To Lockpicking – Eddie …PDF


    The Encyclopedia of Poisons and Antidotes … PDF



    Prepper's Long – Term Survival Guide.pdf




    Editorial Wild Oats.pdf

    Edible & Medicinal Plants, by U.S. Gov..p…PDF

    Avalon Hill – Outdoor Survival.pdf


    9 Questions To Ask Before Allowing Anyone …Document

    ARMY Field Hygiene FM 21-10 2000 1…PDF

    Survival Fighting Knives – Leroy Thompson …PDF

    Absolute Cheapskate Way to Start Making Kn…PDF

    Prepper Worksheets & Checklists.pdf



    (BSA) Gilcraft – Training in Tracking (192…PDF

    Worm and composting.pdf

    Worm farming.pdf

    Wound Closure Manual.pdf

    All Natural Healing Salve DIY.txt

    apple cider vinegar with mother.txt

    Arnica Sore Muscle Rub.txt

    Chaga tincture.txt

    Colloidal Silver Cream.txt

    colloidal silver benefits.txt

    Black Drawing Salve.txt

    Cooking with acorns.txt

    DIY Bag Balm all natural.txt

    DIY Bug Repellent, essential oil for gout,…Text

    DIY Bug Repellent.txt

    DIY Magnesium Body Butter.txt

    DIY Magnesium Oil Spray.txt

    DIY Wart Remover with EOs.txt

    Dr. Kloss’ Linament.txt

    Elderberry tincture.txt

    Essiac Tea.txt

    fermented garlic steps.txt

    Fire Cider.txt

    First aid salve, nursing mother cream.txt

    For cramps and hormonal issues natural rem…Text


    Fresh egg pasta.txt

    Gout Treatment with Essential Oils.txt

    Herbal infused honey.txt

    Home remedies stomach ache.txt

    How to Make a Hydrosol DIY.txt

    Mushroom double extraction tincture.txt

    Naked Salve.txt

    Natural tick repellent for humans.txt

    pickled garlic.txt

    Sore throat remedy.txt

    The Basic Golden Turmeric Paste.txt

    Treating a snake bite.txt

    The Secret Freedom Fighter – Palladin Pre…PDF

    The Most Dangerous Game Advanced Mantrappi…PDF

    Ragnars Big Book of Homemade Weapons.pdf

    Ozymandias Sabotage Skills Handbook.rtfDocument

    Modern Weapons Caching.pdf

    Makeshift Arsenal.pdf


    eBook–STEAL THIS BOOK–Underworld Surviva…Document

    Avenger's Handbook (revenge & payback).pdf

    2012 Dutch oven Cookbook.pdf

    2010 Jerky making basics.pdf



    101 camping Recipes.pdf

    50 items you may forget for survival.txt


    7 solar water heating system designs.pdf

    (gardening) Backyard composting – Simple, …PDF

    (gardening) Disease Prevention in Home Veg…PDF

    1 How to Grow Garden Crops.docx

    tural VapoRub.txt

    What To Tell The Cashier When She Asks Abo…Document

    Turn Your Home Into a Fortress.pdf

    Top BOB Essentials That Might Get You Kill…Document

    The Complete Guide to Hunting, – Steven Ri…PDF

    The Complete Guide to Hunting, – Steven Ri…PDF

    Prepping With Your Family – John Wesley Sm…PDF




    Bug Out Bag_ How to Make the Ul – Robert R…PDF

    Bug Out and Live! Leave Your Ho – Gary Tha…PDF

    9 Questions To Ask Before Allowing Anyone …Document

    Visual Aircraft Recognition.pdf


    Gear in my backpack.pdf

    ESS107 (1).pdf

    EDC and lightweight GHB.pdf


    Bug Out Bag Categories 1st Revision.pdf



    100 Things to Disappear First.pdf

    When Technology Fails – A Manual for Self …PDF

    RAA Manual Prt3,Vol2 No7 Survival.pdf

    Preparing to Hunker Down in Place – Backdo…PDF


    How To Prepare And Preserve Your Meat.doc


    FM 3-05-70 SURVIVAL.pdf




    Never Say Die Canadian Survival Manual.pdf

    Morse Code.pdf

    KGB Alpha Team Training Manual.pdf

    Home Distillation Handbook – How to Distil…PDF

    Diabetes Disaster Guidelines.pdf


    Blackout Survival Guide.pdf

    ax throwing info.pdf

    Handy Farm Devices Book.pdf



    Build a Homestead Forge and Fabricate Your…PDF



    Items List.pdf




    Put 'em Up! – A Comprehensive Home Preserv…File

    Preserving Wild Foods.pdf

    Make Your Own Homemade Survival Bars.pdf

    Make Your Own Homemade Survival Bars –Impr…PDF

    Food Storage Planner – Grains and Legumes…PDF


    Fire starters.pdf

    edibaly and poisonous plants.pdf

    DIY – Jerky Drier Instructions.pdf



    Canning and Preserving All-in-One For Dumm…PDF

    The Good Living Guide to Country Skills.pd…


    Top 5 Coffee Substitutes to Forage When SH…PDF


    Blue Ribbon Canning – Award-Winning.pdf

    Alternate Cooking Methods.pdf



    U.S. Marine Corps – The Individual's Guide…PDF

    Survival Wilderness Shelter Types.pdf








    survival medicine.pdf



    SAS Survival Handbook.pdf


    How to Survive the Collapse of Civilizatio…PDF

    edibaly and poisonous plants.pdf




    David Craft – Urban Foraging.pdf


    Basic Food Storage Plan For One Year 2002 …PDF

    Badass Prepper's Handbook – Everything You…PDF

    ARMY Vietnam – Shelter Operation and Suppl…PDF

    ARMY Vietnam – Survival, Evasion & Escape …PDF

    ARMY Survival Manual FM 21-76 1992 56…PDF

    ARMY Military Water Supply MD0160 Ed.100 …PDF

    Guerrilla_s Arsenal.pdf

    MacGyver Handbook.pdf


    Bombs, IEDs and Explosives – Identificatio…PDF


  8. Avatar
    grinning owl says:

    Did you know the plant called "Cattails" is completely edible? They grow near ponds, lakes, ditch banks and marshes. Pioneers used them as a staple and survival food. An article about their many uses can be found in the "Premium Issue" of Mother Earth News magazine (Spring/Summer Issue 2019). And no, I am not affiliated with the magazine. Just a big fan and avid reader for decades.

  9. Avatar
    Dutch Courage says:

    Seeing it's so hard to recommend a specific book for many categories, seeing there are many to choose from, i would recommend books in the following categories:
    – A prepper handbook of some kind, if you think you might need it, more useful 'now' than actually in a disaster, unless you want to add insult to injury, avoiding that may also be a good reason…
    – A book about home defenses, and probably Sun Tzu The Art of War is also one that can be beneficial in general.
    – General Survival (SAS Survival handbook is probably the most well known)

    – Gardening all year round (and for this try and find a book that is as local as you can get, due to climate considerations)
    – Depending on the book about gardening you find/get, also get something related to composting and seed collection (as these are valuable to keep your garden going)
    – Something on keeping small life-stock (bit depending on your options; think chickens, rabbits, ducks, goose, bees, etc. or get books on each specific one)
    – A book that talks about slaughtering and butchering life stock. Also think about cleaning fish.
    – Food Preservation (preferably one that covers multiple ways to preserve food, or get books on each; drying, salting, canning)
    – Optional is a book on just wild edibles, a lot these are covered in the SAS book, but if you can find one that is written 'locally', that can be of great value as there is less chaff to go through.
    – A book on cooking with wild edibles (not sure if a normal cook book is needed, as i will assume you store what you eat and thus already know how to cook those).

    – Medicine handbooks (think the ones shared in this video are a good start)
    – Books specifically on collecting medicinal herbs (also to combine with the gardening book), with recipes on how to make the treatment !!!
    (preferably local for obvious reasons)

    – A book about 'simple' recipes from the early 1900's, about soapmaking, making cleaning agents, alcohol and what not. I have some Dutch book with 101 recipes of all sorts of stuff, some can't even be made at home anymore due to the disappearance of the pharmacist selling the ingredients. Also think 101 home chemistry recipes, or something along those lines.
    – A 'Binas', not sure what they are called in the USA, but it's basically a school Biology, Chemistry, Physics reminder book, with all sorts of summaries/formulas on Biology, Chemistry and Physics things taught in school, like has periodic table, and all sorts of chemical reactions, has the physics formula's and so on. Which may be of help with some of the recipes described in the previous.

    – A book about woodworking, like cabinet making and other hand-size to furniture-size items.
    – A book about building small to medium size structures, probably something about post and beam construction as that can be done with handtools. But also think of coops, or log-cabins. (these might also lead to a comprehensive handtool toolkit.

    – A book about blacksmithing and metal working (maybe even forging be helpful too, do note that casting iron needs incredible heat, but bronze or aluminium casting should be possible).
    – A book about leatherworking, all thing concerned with it from skinning to tanning to making things!
    – A book about clothmaking, sewing, knitting, crocheting, etc. If at all possible with patterns for most clothing.
    – A DIY handbook, with just general DIY plans.
    – Quite possibly a book on simple electronics, or home electronics (or something about setting up a solar system).
    – Plumbing might also be nice, if there is even books on that subject !

    Think that is enough for now, and no i am not nearly close to having at least one of each of these, but i do always keep my eyes open … on flee markets and garagesales etc especially, also because a lot of the older book are actually what we are after here, as they tend to contain a lot of DIY instructional type information. Also remind yourself that current DIY books (and the likes) are more then likely assuming power and powertools, while 'we' are more after the handtool related guides. Aka. the older books people do away with for cheap because 'nobody' uses them anymore…

  10. Avatar
    Adam G says:

    On the gardening side I'd definitely recommend The Resilient Gardener by Carol Deppe; its all about gardening from a resilience and wellbeing perspective with a a specific focus on corns, beans, squash, potatoes and eggs. Its a really useful perspective on thinking about these larger problems and applying that to how you approach gardening.

  11. Avatar
    Torrey Jones says:

    Storey's Guide to Raising Rabbits, since man can not live on chicken alone. chickens have a lot of fat, and rabbit has practically none, so they make a great combo. I like all the Storey's Guides, and they've got one for pretty much any critter you care to raise, pigs, ducks, chickens, goats, sheep, cows, etc.

    Butchering Poultry, Rabbit, Lamb, Goat, and Pork: The Comprehensive Photographic Guide to Humane Slaughtering and Butchering by Adam Danforth. Once you've raised it, you need to know how to turn it into food. The best one-stop-shop I've found yet on doing so.

    Since we also can't live on meat alone, Seed to Seed: Seed Saving and Growing Techniques for vegetable gardeners, 2e by suzanne ashworth and David Cavagnaro. Kinda goes with that "Square foot gardening method" book you've got.

    For survival on the move, you have the Peterson Field Guides that are region specific, and The Trapper's Bible by Dale Martin.

    We also need to feed our minds, Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Friedman. "The Age of Reason," "Rights of Man," and "Common Sense" all by Thomas Paine. Socratic Logic by peter Kreeft and Trent Dougherty. You have the right to remain Innocent by James Duane

    Another thing we are interested in is rebuilding society from the ground up, we need some science:
    The Survival Chemist by david a howard
    Basic Machines and How They Work by Naval Education and Training Program
    Understanding Physics by Isaac Asimov
    General Chemistry by Linus Pauling
    The complete modern blacksmith by alexander weygers
    David Gingery's Build your own metal workshop from scrap series. seven books.
    Astronomy & Astrophysics by Stephen A Gregory & Michael Zeilik

    Add in your favorite math books covering all categories, and some real indepth medicine, and I'd call it nearly complete.

  12. Avatar
    58singleman says:

    Survival Guns by Mel Tappen an older book on choosing weapons for a SHTF time. It has been reprinted at least once.
    spoiler……. own a good .22 rimfire and plenty of ammo.

  13. Avatar
    Kiel Linn says:

    The art of war by Samuel B. Griffith, Gun Germs and Steel by Jared diamond. The Worst-case scenario survival handbook: Travel. Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy’s. A brief history of time in and universe in a nutshell by Stephen Hawking. My favorite book is the Martian first book I’ve read on my own. I’ll throw ya’ll a bone, a millennials pick.


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