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  1. Avatar
    SnowStorm84 says:

    Here is something I wrote under another video: Today there was corona virus suspect here in Finland. A family from Wuhan traveled in Ivalo Lapland from Norway. They told us today on the evening that this was false alarm that they were not infected by corona virus. But is that the real truth? Would they really told to the bublic if they were infected by one? Thats what I was confused about when they were underestimating this virus for bublic. Of course they dont't wan't to cause panic, but if you have been following the news it is not just a normal flu. Why else China would have close 3 cities from its country?

    'after that I went to the store and bought rubber gloves, hand desinfecting gel and bleach.

  2. Avatar
    kelly nash says:

    Here is a scary thought, one of my friends suggested that the excavation being done in Wuhan in a hurry to build a hospital in 6 days is questionable. Not that they can't build it in 6 days, but the lack of construction materials being staged at the site, indicated to him that they may be digging Mass Graves. I sure as hell hope he's wrong.

  3. Avatar
    TICO says:

    22 usa states on high alert,got more augason farms prep food from amazon and 3 freese dried soup fixings .Got 5 years but what good is money in shtf?

  4. Avatar
    Sandy P says:

    Ed, it's so good to know there is someone who has genuine information on what to do for this type of situation. I saw a list in a comment on one of Dave Hodge's YT vids where the commenter gave some specific things to do. I'll repost when I find it.

  5. Avatar
    Sandra McCollum says:

    we have one here in NC he is at the UNC Duraham Hosp. he came in with flu , he also came home from China where it started so think of all the people that he was around from the Air Ports to people on the plans and where ever he was in NC so do not think it can not come here prep now just incase you have to be locked downed do you have enough food meds and for a month are two make sure

  6. Avatar
    DICK TATER says:

    are you current on your nursing license? If not, you are opening up yourself up to potential legal action for giving medical advise in a public
    forum. This is a complicated medical situation that the up to date medical professionals haven't got a grasp on yet. You have said that you have 25 years experience , but you haven't been practicing in quite some time.

  7. Avatar
    Enzed says:

    It's too little too late. It's a joke, a farce. One knows you don't lock down the stable doors, AFTER the horse has bolted…one does it BEFORE it bolts. I'm treating this as it deserves to be treated…as a DISTRACTION. The Grand Solar Minimum is intensifying, and the powers that be, need to ramp up the distractions to try to hide it for as much as possible. By what I'm reading, games up on their Global Warming irresponsible nonsense narrative, THIS YEAR. 2020, then people will wake up and freak out faster than this virus.

  8. Avatar
    Mickey McH says:

    I also just read that infections have also been reported in Europe and Australia. When you say 35 million in China on lock down, that is nearly the size of the population of Canada.

  9. Avatar
    Joe Beatty says:

    It is now over 40 million on lock down…and cases are suspected in almost every corner of the globe.. This and now Flu B is spreading and stronger than usual. Full blown pandemic. We are way over due… Way over due.

  10. Avatar
    Randy Eschenbacher says:

    We now have 2 confirmed cases in Minnesota. It’s in the twin cities. I’m 2- 2 1/2 hours north of them. Rural area with not many out of towners. Preps are good. Should have got a rocket stove but I got lots of wood and am able to draw water.. Home canned meats and some veggies. To much rain this year so short on potatoes. Get ready everyone! Could be bad, I pray it won’t be.

  11. Avatar
    The Old Hobbit says:

    Ebola, SARS, MERS and even AIDS where all publicised as events that would cause massive deaths around the world, would be catastrophic to human life and wipe out billions. Smallox was a contagious disease caused by the variola virus. The disease killed an estimated 400,000 Europeans per year during the closing years of the 18th century. During the 20th century, it is estimated that smallpox was responsible for 300–500 million deaths, but we survived and are once again over populated. These things come and go, and for as long as they are here it is an awful thing to witness, especially if you are directly affected by it, but we will survive. As has been said, take simple precautions and you are likely to avoid this threat.

  12. Avatar
    Eugene Hayes says:

    I believe that this may be another test. By the elite and the scientific community to see how strong the general population is. POPULATION CONTROL 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😷😷😷


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