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  1. Avatar
    Mr HVAC says:

    Seeing all the license numbers on your van makes me glad I live down here in Texas. To do what you do we would just need a HVAC license and plumbers license.

  2. Avatar
    Ben Boudreau says:

    My local licensed plumber told me vacuum breaker installations i’ve basically been told only required on city water because of the risk of a water heater collapse when the city pulls water from fire hydrants because all the water heaters I have installed that have been on well water my licensed plumber said that he does not install them on Wells because you don’t need them because there’s no risk of the water heater collapsing from suction because you’re on a well! I had one inspector look at a house that my dad was planning on buying and he kept telling us things that needed to be changed and he didn’t even know what kind of systems we had we have wells around here.

  3. Avatar
    A. Miller says:

    I am trying to figure out if the storage tank is actually an Indirect water heater. In the video, you mentioned pipes leading from the boiler were going to the customer's old fashioned radiators. I am planning on a project to use my coal stoker stove as a boiler (with a stainless steel coil inside of the stove, then hooked to a Indirect water heater). The indirect water would separate the domestic hot water and the heating water because of the internal setup of the indirect tank (water in coils inside glass or stoned lined tank for domestic hot water)

    1) Is the domestic hot water mixed in with the heating water for the radiators?

  4. Avatar
    William Pappas says:

    Steven, Great video!! This helped me out a lot. One question on the old tankless coil. Is it necessary to remove that from the boiler and replace with a blank plate, or is it okay to leave it installed? What do you recommend?

  5. Avatar
    Dwight Bennett says:

    This is exactly the video I need to explain and show someone what they need. (Same issue, 2003 New Yorker tankless coil is scaled from hard water) I actually was guessing the price, which happens to be right in line with your response to an earlier comment.

  6. Avatar
    kody mackey says:

    hay steve!
    at home we have a wilemclain gold oil fired boiler with a storage tank.
    you know i can't see so does the 40 gallen tank look like a regular water heater just with a serculator on top?
    we are having a problem with it.
    the serculator runs continously and you here no flow!
    i think the impeller broke off the motor shaft inside the pump and it will not work!
    Can you tell me what my problem is?

  7. Avatar
    Bharat Kumar Chelluboina says:

    Hi Steven, 
    Thanks for the video. I bought a Burnham (AL70SL) water heater and had a local plumber attach it to a boiler. Unfortunately it isn't working as expected. The circulator is attached on the return side and all the connections seem to be exactly like what you showed. When I witch on the boiler the thermostat on the water heater calls for heat and the circulator (taco) seems to be running (I can hear it) but the hot water doesnt seem to be circulating from the supply side of the boiler and out of the water heater. Help please!


  8. Avatar
    Progrocker70 says:

    Good Job! Is there a benefit to having the boiler heat the hot water indirectly as instead to having a separate tank?  I have a gas hot water boiler with a separate gas water heater.


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