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24 replies
  1. Avatar
    vickie Y says:

    Hello Linda! After watching this video I decided to try the packet you used. We love it! I am always a little nervous to try packets like that but this one was a great success! Thanks for shari g! We used it on parm chicken and it was wonderful. As a matter of fact I'm going to make some more before the tomatoes are gone for the season! As always it was a great video!

  2. Avatar
    CameliaDiamonds says:

    Linda what do you think of the Kitchen Aid Mixer attachment that grinds the tomatoes and separates the pulp from the sauce? I have a kitchen aid stand mixer and was thinking of getting the attachment. 🍅many thanks.

  3. Avatar
    bittyboo52 says:

    It is frustrating when things don't work out like we planned! But this is what happens when we can, freeze or even dry. Not always like they show on TV. Glad you showed that even the best have problems with canning and how you handled it. Especially for the newbies out there who can't figure out why things they do aren't like they think they should be, this is real life….ship happens!

  4. Avatar
    andria blue says:

    thanx for sharing good info
    i must say i appreciate ur honesty and candor while u give ur advice
    ive just unsubscribed from someone that did a quick release of pressure on their All-American canner and proclaimed themself an expert
    it was an instructional video offering newbies advice YIKES

  5. Avatar
    Jordan Smithson says:

    For those of you confused about the "Pressure canning tomatoes are better for men" comment:
    Tomatoes contain a chemical known as Lycopene, and the amount of this substance is increased wth cooking. Lycopene is very beneficial for prostate health. So, if you pressure can tomatoes they cook and more lycopene is created, thereby increasing the health benefit for men.

  6. Avatar
    Culinary Gurly says:

    Hey Linda you can also cut a small x in the bottoms and dunk them into boiling water and the skins will peel away without any real effort. Awesome tricks I learned in school help

  7. Avatar
    MonCher says:

    I consider you to be one of the best cooks around. I use Mrs Wages, too. I don’t consider Mrs Wages as "cheating" when you’re starting with fresh tomatoes. One year I put up lots of pasta sauce, chili base sauce, pizza sauce & ketchup, all with the help of Mrs Wages. I’m sure you must have discovered her chili base, it’s great.

  8. Avatar
    Violetta1912 says:

    I've now watched 3 of your videos because I was looking for how to make Bone Broth. Seriously, you're making me want to do canning, I don't really have much space but you're so good, you make it look easy and, of course, it's very beneficial. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I'm learning a lot and I really appreciate it <3

  9. Avatar
    MNTNSTARZ80 says:

    When I'm chopping tomatoes or other juicy fruits and vegetables, I place my cutting board into a slightly larger sheet pan.
    This catches the juice or pulp that runs off the cutting board it's neater and easier to dump juice into the pot


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