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Part 1 of a two part series about the criminology of a post-disaster environment.

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Criminality in the post-collapse environment, emergency preparedness, disaster, economic collapse, local emergency, grid down, prepping for shtf, doomsday preppers.
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32 replies
  1. Avatar
    steffan oswald says:

    A marauder to me looks like a prepper very much like myself. The only difference is he is built like a brick Sh%t house and is carrying several weapons that are in easy reach. I would have to draw my weapon first and then interrogate.

  2. Avatar
    empbac says:

    I imagined a regular guy, fully clothed. He just walks into the road ahead and stands there, waiting to see what I do. Maybe he'll issue a command, but his face and easy posture suggest that he's not the only one of him. Gangs would rule an environment like this. You would know as soon as you see the guy walk out that it's already too late and you're now in an ambush. The only recourse is to play along and hope for some leniency, and hope that being social and non-threatening would be enough to provoke a little empathy.

    I mean, what else can you do when trapped? If you fight, you die. If you run, you die. If you can offer to join, and provide some service… that's your best hope at that point, and could at least afford you an escape opportunity later on. Gangs will still want to grow in numbers to compete with other gangs. They will still need people with skills. It would not be smart for them to kill off those that could make them stronger.

  3. Avatar
    Baldrick The dung spreader says:

    I think most marauders would look like everybody else, perhaps just a bit more well off physically and materially because if they have been pillaging others then they are most likely gonna have more kit than everyone else who aren’t preppers, they may look a bit more militaristic but that wouldn’t always be the case, all I know is I’d be avoiding anyone who isn’t part of my immediate community, that is if I’m forced to go it alone or just with my family, anyone outside of my community will be watched with great suspicion and scrutiny

  4. Avatar
    robert20351 says:

    Mesomorph, torn jeans, maybe a leather jacket of sorts . Most likely a beard.Wielding maybe a rifle or Bowie. Not screaming. Acting all chill. Wait. That's me. Except the mesomorph build,Bowie and torn jeans. See how that goes you describe something and you may fit the bill yourself.

  5. Avatar
    Brier Rose says:

    When I think marauder I see a man or female that is far left in there thinking. Computer savvy incapable of empathy. Sort of Geekl looking but dangerous. Smile on their face but bit in their eyes. Super friendly bu t not

  6. Avatar
    Eden's Mind says:

    He is a large, hunched man. He is wearing an old leather jacket, dirty jeans, a beanie, and black work boots. He has a hunting rifle in one hand, and a boot knife on his left leg. His face is round, with grey eyes, an unruly salt and pepper beard, and a crooked smile. He is so excited to have found a small, young girl to prey on, but even though he is excited, it sends shivers down my spine. His intentions are malicious, but at least I have my baby glock…

  7. Avatar
    Jessie Grabow says:

    Smiling and being overly friendly. I have sales experience, when someone wants to get something from me I'll know. Marauders will be trying to sell you on something that benefits them.

  8. Avatar
    Darz Bor says:

    I've noticed you've included image of Polish painting titled "Battle of Grunvald" by Jan Mateyko. I'm interested, how that painting relates to the topic of your video ? It depicts the battle of Polish warriors, against Teutonic knights , on 10th July 1410, in which Poles and Lituenians defeated occupier forces.
    How did you came across this image???

  9. Avatar
    Rr rr says:

    Medium to large groups of men in their 20's to 40's. Some will be equipped with weapons, possibly all. The solution? Try to avoid them or kill on sight with extreme prejudice. Brutalize them – monsters are only afraid of bigger monsters.

  10. Avatar
    William Neal says:

    what came to mind is male, approx 5'10"ish, not heavy, maybe 175lbm, baggy jeans, hoodie, old style military field jacket, some kind of boots, just standing there hands in pockets


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