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Tessie shares a Teaching Video on the Different Kinds of Food Prepping

Pantry Prepping
Pioneer Prepping
Package Prepping
Tessie Teaches all about Prepping for food and How you can too With Little Money!

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32 replies
  1. Avatar
    Kimberly Clark says:

    I just started canning in earnest this year and have built a fairly sizeable pantry. Now that my garden is finished for the year and cold weather is setting in, I am so grateful for the extra food. I do need to stock up on canning lids for sure as well. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  2. Avatar
    Debra Igo says:

    Had a turn around in finances, sure was glad i had my little preps put up. Finally got started putting back, little at a time. Amazing how much prices have gone up!

  3. Avatar
    Cindy Hamlin says:

    I love your pantry I make my own pasta and store it . my son in law his grandparents are Mennonites. So love the old fashioned way of doing things. I also like the pioneer the way they did things back then
    Love you tessie

  4. Avatar
    Karen Golding says:

    I have always pantry prepped / package prepped. My last prepping has lasted over three years. I’m now looking to pioneer prep as I’m now retired from work. Thanks for this video.

  5. Avatar
    Rhiannon Hammerich says:

    Amen sister!! We need to bring the wisdom of generations past to the forefront of our present culture. I have done quite an amount of research on the Great Depression over the years as it is a time in history that amazes me. The reviews and feedback I have read and watched on the Amish/Mennonite people, they had a much stronger resiliance during that time than alot of others.

  6. Avatar
    Linda Weimar says:

    Great video. You are not hoarding food you're being prepared. I myself am like you I like being prepared for the lean times. We all go though lean times in life. I love the satisfaction canning food gives me.

  7. Avatar
    Deborah Crutchfield says:

    I have learned a lot from you and how important prepping for food is and like your recipes and when you work in your garden it motivates me to keep going and don’t get lazy. You are a very smart and sweet lady . Have a Blessed Day

  8. Avatar
    Japan Girl says:

    You rock Ms Tessie! I admire your sweetness and kindness all the way from Japan! I watch your new shows as often as I can.. keep God in your life and you will be blessed!

  9. Avatar
    Purple Yeti says:

    Thank you so much for teaching us. I never had these skills, so I am enjoying the lessons. You are so good at making it to where even I can understand the information. I have been through at least five blizzards, that knocked out the power, and once in the summer when nearly all of my state lost power. Two weeks with no power in temps about 100 degrees got rough. And our city's water supply was unsafe due to the power being knocked out at the water plant. I have been inspired by you to put forth a concerted effort, and just last week I had to explain to my daughter why this is important. Yesterday the power kept going out, at the moment it's -4 F, so I made sure to let her know that this is exactly why I feel it's important. I am facing the challenge of trying to figure out a way to heat my apartment and safely cook food. I don't have a window that can open, and no access to the outside where I could set anything up. I really hope that you can give me some ideas. Thanks again!

  10. Avatar
    Debbie Laws says:

    Hmmm. Would you believe we have almost no trees in our 2 acres!? We have woods but only 1 green at the back of the lot. This was done purposely. I have to have lots of sun… Or else I really suffer.

  11. Avatar
    Debbie Laws says:

    Hi Tessie! I don't recall you mentioning if your garden is organtic. What kind of organtic material would you suggest. I have tried horse but that seems to not be very good. Which organtic would you suggest?

  12. Avatar
    High Calling of YAHUAH says:

    I grew up planting things from seed , tendering gardens…..we grew our own tomatoes……(( fried green tomatoes in fall yummy ))— we grew echinacea , calendula –(( good for burns ))—we grew corn and almost got it just left it ONE more day and the raccoons got it :(( …….and a few other things we tried. I LOVE gardening when well SO relaxing. Outside in God's creation.


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