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  1. Avatar
    Jason Pettit says:

    I was late to the beginning,,sorry,but WoW,this is really an amazing little Gizmo,I would have never known about this if you hadn't shown us,,,really we appreciate your time and knowledge,and Thank you for sharing this with us…

  2. Avatar
    Jason Pettit says:

    Another thing is people that have sump pumps,they need to really pay attention to them when the power is out,and that their houses don't flood,I'm serious,this is really great water,and they need to capitalize on it…

  3. Avatar
    Plan B says:

    Very informative. A first for me. Something unique and useful. I've been a subscriber but you are definitely bringing ideas and items that sets u apart from the rest. Thanks

  4. Avatar
    Renee Brown says:

    I have given a lot of thought to putting in an emergency well with a hand pump. I'm on city water in a ruralish area. Actually my whole county is rural to me. A few med size cities but nothing big. But I have yet to check on the legality of it. But basically I want it to water my garden and as an emergency water source. I'm in the middle of setting up a rain catchment system but was thinking of adding one of these for just in case.

  5. Avatar
    Lisa Siembida says:

    It's a big bailer!! I used to do environmental field testing, drawing contaminated liquid samples with hand bailers 1/2 – 2" diameter. It has a check valve inside. So when you bob it up and down, it pushes the valve up to allow water in. When the water enters, the pressure closes the opening by the valve. 😉 I loved using these.

    Serious tip everyone….SECURE THE ROPE!! I've had to fish them out a few times over the years 😆.

    Great video! 👍

  6. Avatar
    Rob Lambert says:

    I was skeptical at first. But after watching the video, I can definitely see the utility in this. My well is 150 feet down so it would be some work, but my other nearest water supply is about 1/4 mile through the woods to the river. So this unit would not help me with MY Well, but sure would work with others. The manual pump is on my list. Also side note, Gunstreamer is good. But it wont reach non-gun lovers. I prefer a neutral platform that supports the 2A and has a variety of content. Which will attract a larger audience. I have been pimping Gab for awhile now. They have advertisers, support 2A and is so hated by Google they removed their app from the play store. Which means they are doing something right.

  7. Avatar
    Ric Havic says:

    The "bobbing" or surging, as it's called, is really not necessary. If the saturated thickness of the well is shallow, surging will stir up silt that will accumulate in the bottom of a well that hasn't been in use, say in a SHTF situation.
    JJ, you learned how it felt when the bailer hit the water. Next, put one hand on top of the well casing. Know the length of the bailer before going down hole with it and put your other hand up the rope that distance. Allow the bailer to descend to the up rope hand, and the bailer will be full. Gently lift the bailer above the water level. Then pull it the rest of the way out.
    Pro tip: mark the rope at the top of case when first encountering water. If the bailer is descending further in subsequent trips, the well is recharging slowly. Just something to note.
    To be safe, if the groundwater is shallow, less than twenty feet or so, boil it before drinking.

  8. Avatar
    DesolatorMagic says:

    So if it holds 3/4 gallon, that's 6 pounds of water which is reasonable for basically anyone to be able to lift out while also being a very decent amount of water for human use per day. Fantastic design. I'd hate to have to haul up 40+ pounds in one go instead!


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