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  1. Avatar
    Michelle's Crafts & More says:

    I have always gone to the store and bought a few extra cans of veggies, canned fruit, etc. I can make bread at home so I don't even have to buy bread. yes my recipe calls fro bread flour, but by golly I will use regular AP flour if push comes to shove. Not a big deal to me. And people need to keep powdered milk on hand as well. I have a #10 can from Auguson Farms in case hubby can't find a gallon when he has to go on the road.

  2. Avatar
    Dancing Critters Acres says:

    You said a mouth full. Some think it always some else fault that they are in the pickle that they gone in. It is always easier to place blame on the ones that thought ahead. It is a real shame that people think that way. I hope that you and your family are safe and healthy. Best wishes in these time. You take care. Dean

  3. Avatar
    Ken Redington says:

    Preppers have been ready for years, they did not buy up the food. It was the clueless hordes who grab more then they need and get 4 blocks of toilet paper that will last them a year. It is the stores and warehouses that are holding back and over pricing trying to make a profit off this. It is also the people who bought up everything they could of key items to resell on E-bay.
    Preppers were smart and looked ahead, the ones who complain about us are the clueless who did not look ahead and will not accept responsability for their own failures. Who is the fool here, the ones who looked ahead and stocked up YEARS ago, or the ones who STILL refuse to see there is a real problem while going to the party in the Big Easy, or the beaches of Spring Break, and then expect someone else to take care of them and sacrifice to cover for their own failures.

  4. Avatar
    AmyLynn’s Journey says:

    You’re exactly on point and I couldn’t explain it any better. I tried truly I did and it just angered me even more as I spoke. I’m not perfect by any means although I try and if more of these people truly tried they would realize T.P. and their hoarding surly won’t cure them if they fall sick with this epidemic going on around the nation. Thank you for being you and teaching at your best.

  5. Avatar
    T.A. Brown says:

    Dana preppers already were stocked we have canned and frozen and we live off that. Like you we go to Sam's club once a month, and we always pick up extra when stuff is on sale. I have tried to get into the mindset of these people who were caught unprepared if I have cornmeal, flour,Crisco ,and water I can eat . I can pick wild greens and take out some game , and with the chickens and all I give eggs to my siblings , I am from the old before the south was the south i know how to survive ,but these people need to learn. Dandelions are not weeds in the yard and neither are wild violets they are edible greens ! Love ya Dana!

  6. Avatar
    granny bee says:

    So true, Dana. A true prepper is never a selfish panic buying hoarder. Preppers are methodical planners. I was once accused of being a hoarder. I responded to that comment by saying, no, a hoarder buys up an item when it is in short supply, depriving others of that item. The things I had on hand were bought in times of plenty, causing no shortage to anyone else. And she was the first to come to me when she lost her job and needed some groceries and cleaning supplies. Hoarders do not share. Preppers do. It is the difference of being led by the Spirit or being led by circumstances.

  7. Avatar
    Adventures of Frank and Tina says:

    God gave me a heads up on this thing about a year and a half ago. And praise God we put up enough to get us through about a year.
    The problem is the stores are not getting restocked! The chain has broken down. Not completely broken but not working properly either! I think it's going to get worse before it gets better.
    You are absolutely correct the shortage has nothing to do with the preppers!

  8. Avatar
    Sky Z says:

    What gets me is the people complaining are somes of the ones that have saved for a "rainy day" with a bit of savings in the bank.

    Why do they think being prepared for the unexpected is different with money vs/ food on your shelves, gas in your car, medicine etc.?

    God teaches us to use wisdom rather than sticking our heads in the sand.

  9. Avatar
    Lady B's Urbanstead says:

    Yep, we're not quite so crazy now, are we? I hope people take these hard times to heart….. and keep being prepared. This proves that you don't know what could happen……because it HAS happened. Thanks for the video………take care. Love you

  10. Avatar
    Sonja Mental Health And Homesteading says:

    Thank you you are an amazing lady and you are right I had enough food to last me about 3 months and I do have a garden and I am counting we are all in this together and I will do what I can do to help my so I neighbour I have seen chaos and I have seen many and much violence in the supermarkets at people panicking I love you god bless and stay safe xox

  11. Avatar
    Paige family Homestead Our Journey back says:

    read jeffrey holmes comment, listened to you.. I have a " living pantry" in that i keep our harvest stored for tomorrow's. I think those that haven't prepared.. are the reason shelves are scarce right now. Imagine the drain on resources NOW if even those with pantry's were mad dashing?

  12. Avatar
    Deborah Cabassa says:

    I am prepared for this is no ones fault,,,,, bean smart and redy is the smart thing to do exersacin intelligence is one's choice 🖒.Thanks for Sharing your videos whit us YouTube sister ❤🖒 xoxox. STAY BLESS SISTER'S and safe sister ❤🖒 xoxox stay safe and bless


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