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    Mike Pepler says:

    To use biogas in a colder climate you have to insulate the tank, and maybe even burn some of the gas produced to heat it. You still end up producing energy though, and dealing with the waste.

  2. Avatar
    Thomas H. Culhane says:

    Dear Dr. Karve,
    A small team of us from the German-American-Egyptian NGO "Solar CITIES" (Connecting Community Catalysts Integrating Technologies for Industrial Ecology Systems) are planning to come to Pune in January to learn how to build these systems so that we can bring the technology to our worksite in the Zabaleen (garbage recycling) neighborhood of Cairo's Muqattam (near where the landslide was). We have been building solar hot water systems there for the past two years; now need biogas.

  3. Avatar
    Thomas H. Culhane says:

    Is it possible to order your instructional video from overseas (from Germany, California or Cairo), or do we need to wait until we come to India to purchase it? I don't see a way on the ARTI site for international orders. Anyway, we believe your system will have a very positive impact in the informal and slum communities of Cairo, helping us with energy and waste management, and we are very enthusiastic. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing discovery!!!

  4. Avatar
    sixyears says:

    This is awesome. I know here in north america somme places do collect organic food waste and turn it in to a fertilizer but the system seem better cause it can produce alot of methane gas which can be used to produce energy. It's clean and gets rid of garbage.

  5. Avatar
    siggyuke says:

    It's technology like this that will save the earth, if anything can.

    A solution that can be made by anyone, using locally available materials and that is run on readily available waste products.


    Just think of all the energy / gas currently going to waste, and which could be harvested from human & animal manure, as well as organic waste products.

    It beggar's belief that every household one the planet doesn't do this.

  6. Avatar
    alienbaroque says:

    What's also amazing is that, no also is it fuel to cook the food, but the slurry is also fuel for the plants (fertilizer). If I understand correctly, as long as the cellulose, etc., is mashed, all will eventually become slurry; there will be no solid waste in the tank, correct? So, basically, you're just "feeding" vegetable and fruit waste, things that will break down into sugars (for fermentation)? 24hr fermentation is not along at all for that much fuel!

  7. Avatar
    William Ellerbe says:

    @alienbaroque – This is an AMAZING example of genius at work. I first heard about the concept of ARTI Biogas from a post on another YouTube video, and I'm glad that I decided to look up information. What a blessing.

  8. Avatar
    William Ellerbe says:

    @siggyuke – You hit the nail RIGHT on the head. We are looking at a simple form of technology that helps to produce a SOLUTION for food waste. It's a shame how we learn to be VERY wasteful in various places of the world. In keeping with the genius in this video, I can help but appreciate this example of Genius from India. As an American citizen, I NEVER want to limit my knowledge to the "American Way." There are many ways to create solutions to save the planet, and improve life by Going Green.

  9. Avatar
    William Ellerbe says:

    @cantecleer – I am with you 100% on your comment towards this video. Instead of allowing so much of our food to decompose and create mold, we can implement a process such as this to create a solution for life. I dare say that we can use Biogas to become more SUSTAINABLE in our lives. Energy costs would be decreased significantly, and it would be a blessing to see how one's gas bill could change for the better.

  10. Avatar
    Ashden says:

    @iezzzwan Have a look at the ARTI page on the Ashden Awards website – there's detailed info about how the system works, and contact details for ARTI. I'm sure they could give you some advice to build your own – they're pretty simple.

  11. Avatar
    Satish K says:

    hello sir… my name is satish kulkarni from Dharwad(Karnataka) Thanks for the useful video and i need detail information about biogas and i wanted to install in my home. please give me contact no are contact my no 9986856036… Thank you


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