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    knowlege85 says:

    When you said that the white filter filters only for a year did you mean after you've already used it once it only lasts for a year or regardless if you keep it in the pack it just last for a year? I was thinking of getting a Berkey because I have a water filtration system for my house and for the actual faucet itself but looking to get a Berkey for a gravity-fed option for a backup thanks for the info great video

  2. Avatar
    ksoltar says:

    any thoughts on the family size lifestraw setup that is out there? claims it does enough water for 4-5 people for something like 3 years. i picked one up to add to my kit and am still looking for others options, it also has a bigger "village" or large group sized setup

  3. Avatar
    Nancy M-R says:

    This is the exact Berkey that we have. It's perfect for two senior citizens and our little dog. Our water tastes and smells SO GOOD, and not drinking fluoride, antibiotics, hormones, bacteria, viruses, parasites, makes us feel better physically AND mentally. THANK YOU FOR THE POOL SHOCK TIP. I hadn't thought about that, and would've been afraid the bleach would harm the elements, aka filters.

  4. Avatar
    Wandering Ranger says:

    Great video and very informative, I did a similar video test with the sawyer mini using thick green water. It clogged it up in one use and still had scummy taste but it was clear and I didn’t get sick from it.

  5. Avatar
    Ray Hellwig says:

    You said the Big Berkey handles 2 1/2 gallons of water–but actually it is rated at only 2 1/4 gallons. Also, you have to be more careful when pouring in disgusting water. Your demonstration showed some water going down the side instead of into the upper chamber. That bad water could seep into the lower chamber.

  6. Avatar
    Nancy M-R says:

    We love our Berkey and all of us (including our dog of course ) drink ONLY water from the Berkey. I also cook with Berkey water, no exceptions. Even boiling pasta, etc. which many people may not think about. Our faucet water doesn't taste bad, but we don't want the chlorine, fluoride, antibiotics and hormones that the municipal treatment plant does NOT remove.

  7. Avatar
    john Killen says:

    WATER, if you dont have clean potable water THEN YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!

    How about the runs ( diarrhea) in the middle of a firefight………….or missing planting during planting season, or any of a host of capital chores that simply must be done. Not to mention the problem with soiled clothes, linens, pants underwear boots etc when you dont have hot water nor soap nor machinery for washing clothes for cholera, typhoid or a host of other intestinal parasites. Remember that a bad case of diarrhea will kill the biggest strongest healthiest man in 4 hours……………………THINK ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF CLEAN FRESH AND SAFE WATER.

  8. Avatar
    Michael R. Reiter says:

    I love my Berkey. First tap water through a Brita and the through the BB. But I like most we have same the same glassware. I do recommend a BB to my friends. Good work brother. Oh, I live on a lake that is spring fed in N. Fla.

  9. Avatar
    Justin D. says:

    I have one of those. Love it.
    Be aware that the "light" version with the plastic containers are a bit flimsy and should be handled with care. Some people have broke them. Mine just sits on a counter and doesn't move, but just moving it around might risk the chance of it cracking.
    They should have made a thicker plastic container.

    I've also added the PF-2 filters to mine, but I got them on ebay since they were cheaper.

    Adding these filters will cause the water to take a lot longer to go through.


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