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32 replies
  1. Avatar
    Alvan Karpas says:

    Just like the seat belt laws were not meant for our safety but rather to ensure we were restrained during a traffic stop, so too the government seeks to further restrain us. The social compact between the citizens and our government is irrevocably broken. Trump has served to placate us while censorship runs rampant, gun control goes ballistic, our borders remain unsure, and criminals from our government remain unpunished. The constitutional United States no longer exists. Like Alex Jones said, we live in a Prison Planet. And we have a Max Keiser economy known as a casino gulag.

  2. Avatar
    Willy G says:

    Ya, won’t give up any of mine. No matter what “government” says. That’s what stared the revolutionary war, it will start a new one. Stay vigilant people.

  3. Avatar
    Daniel Downs says:

    No one owns assault weapons and whats a large capacity magazine? Who ever wrote that has no idea what they are talking about and dose not know how to write laws. Call your senate in Arizona the Bill is SB 1625.

  4. Avatar
    Jacques Welmans says:

    Liza, you are lucky! Here in SA they are taking our homes, land and everything and then they want us to still pay off the debt, even if you don't live in your house anymore. The government here change the law as they please and keep on calling us foreigners but my family has been here since the late 1600's.

  5. Avatar
    Jesuslovesamericans says:

    What must be done is how leftists handle illegal aliens via "sanctuary cities". We shall not comply. They have no one who would be willing to disarm law abiding citizens. What will happen is the gun and ammo market will go under ground. Tax revenue lost. These laws will be unconstitutional so they are invalid. Ignore them. Ignore the leftists.

  6. Avatar
    E Lopez says:

    Well I guess there are going to be a lot of former law abiding citizens. I WILL NOT COMPLY. Registration leads to confiscation. It is absolutely time to abolish this draconian dictator government. Kick out any and all career politicians, both sides. Politicians are nothing more than professional liars and cheats.

  7. Avatar
    AnalyzeIt says:

    I have to say that after years and years of studying the law and the 2nd amendment, it is obvious that comprehension levels are way, way, way down.
    The 2nd amendment doesn't guarantee anything, nor can it. The 2nd amendment recognizes a duty, that the vast majority of Americans want nothing to do with. That duty actually guarantees the right.
    Show me where in the Constitution that the State has the authority to disarm the people?????
    However, I can show you in the Constitution where it recognizes that the people have a duty to be organized, armed, and disciplined.
    And for the record, there was no fight for the 2nd amendment. The fight was to make sure that Militia was maintained.

  8. Avatar
    ACE2FST says:

    Crime is already illegal! Criminals don't care. Criminalizing gun ownership of law abiding citizens is insanity. Never surrender! Never consent to laying your arms!

  9. Avatar
    John Forgette Jr says:

    The only reason we have a second amendment is for tyrants in government that does not adhere uphold the constitution
    It's about time we use what our 2nd Amendment was intended fo!!
    Stop being little b**** grow some balls and Hang all traitors by neck from tree that do not uphold the Constitution
    It's about time we Outlaw the left and their ideology


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