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    Ranjit says:

    Does anyone know why you don't have to use Teflon tape on those connections.?, just curious, because it's plastic does it give and that is your seal.?

  2. Avatar
    Nota Rookie says:

    Speaking for myself only I can tell you it's more than a potential i'm one of those guys who has to do something the wrong way enough times until I decide it's better to do it the right way LOL

  3. Avatar
    Nota Rookie says:

    I know about the cutting corners thing also it's like killing a kid not to touch the pan that's on the stove because it's hot and you'll get burnt. Can you identify with the thought in your mind "I might get away with it"

  4. Avatar
    Darla Batty says:

    I'm looking at using IBC's for a refugee garden on borrowed city land. A couple questions: 1) Could an IBC be pushed over by vandals do you think, or is it too heavy? 2) Our water source is a fire hydrant several plots away. Do you foresee any problems with filling the IBC with a fire hose? 3) Lastly, is there enough water pressure with this system to connect a hose which will reach possibly 50 feet to our furthest raised bed?

  5. Avatar
    Tom Amato says:

    I appreciated your video. I'm in the process of setting up 4 IBC totes to maintain our garden. Does the shade cloth help much with the algae? I've seen some folks remove the cage to wrap their totes in black plastic. One guys spent big bucks and sprayed his with Flex Seal. Regular paint peels with expansion from the weather. Thanks.

  6. Avatar

    I've purchased so many parts. Ebay, Home Depot etc… It's almost as if the 2'' adapter is just a little too small. Do they make 2 1/4" adapters?Or what am I doing wrong? I'm new to all this & can't figure out what size I need…Anyone help is appreciated.

  7. Avatar
    Bernard H Van Engen says:

    I noticed that there was a black plastic cap laying on the ground. In my case I just drilled a hole in the plastic cap and fitted a Gardena type hosecoupling with a rubber ring and nut on it. Cheaper and simpler

  8. Avatar
    Ryan de Does says:

    Common people I've been selling Totes for years now and I provide options to include the 3/4" hose bib spigot adapter for customer convenience. From the get go I came up with the idea of simply using a 2" X 1½ rubber boot along with the 1½"X ¾ bushing and a Brass no kink ¾" spigot, this spigot doesn't bend downward as much so your hose doesn't kink from the bend. Reasons why I've found this to be the best way are.
    1) The rubber boot will work on any tote they all have the same 2" ball valve outlet and it makes no difference what type of threads it has after all thers like 5 different types.
    2) The rubber boot allows the hole thing to flex and not just break off or crack wen the hose is pulled or the spigot gets kicked or tripped over etc…
    3) These items are usually available in home depot the 2" bushing is not always available.
    Hope this helps save you from having to return to the store because the threads don't mesh etc… etc…

  9. Avatar
    Mark Schroter says:

    Plumbing tips for you; primer dries fast enough that you do not need to wait. Apply the glue to both sides and then no hammer is required to assemble. The glue dries fast so immediately assemble the pieces and hold them together for a minute so they don't move while the glue sets up. Have the loose end of the teflon tape going away from the direction of rotation so it doesn't all ball up inside the threads and never bury the threads all the way, use two or three wraps of tape and then hand tighten the spigot into the fitting. Totes that I have seen are about 30% cam lok and 70% threaded.


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