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    Michelle's Crafts & More says:

    And make sure to match those coupons to those sales so you can stockpile even quicker with less out of pocket! I probably have enough stuff to last me for a couple of years (with the exception of things like toilet paper and Kleenex as we go through that much quicker).

  2. Avatar
    bonnie beme says:

    Since I started to coupon last May, I have stocked up myself and everyone I know as well as donate over 50 boxes of toothpaste.. I now would never pay for it when you can get plenty for free almost every week. This applies for most health and beauty items by shopping the drug stores and flipping rewards. This allows you to save money and buy the things that you cannot get with couponing.

  3. Avatar
    gourmetgirl says:

    Awesome idea. I usually just buy toothpaste/deoderant 8-10 at a time when it goes on sale for .99 each. But this method is awesome for the more expensive items like Q-tips and body lotions that don't get marked down so low. Not to mention food items too. THANK YOU!

  4. Avatar
    bonnie beme says:

    I would do a video but my employer monitors ALL employees. I live in a lib state and my conservative views are not welcome. I would not put myself or activities out there and face possible firing. That being said, I learned to coupon by watching YT videos already out there. I get multiple papers every week and more when the inserts are of value. Like the week that the $10 razor coupon was in it. Since I am stocked up and everyone I love, I will probable slow down a lot this year.

  5. Avatar
    wagil90 says:

    believe it or not the best place to get your health and beauty item free or next to free is the drug store. We've been using coupons for several years now and we've got a nice little stash of stuff. Here's a tip your 4 pack of tooth paste you can only use 1 coupon on. buy 4 individuals and you can use 4 coupons on it. . tip 2 buy it On-sale and then also use a coupon double the savings. can good are at their lowest price in the fall or late spring. backing goods in the fall.

  6. Avatar
    wagil90 says:

    Insert services buy whole newspapers from street vendors or the papers themselves. They remove the inserts and recycle the rest of the paper. Then based on your order they mail the insert out to you. Madcoupons or krazyinsertz just google those

  7. Avatar
    Mrs. Crosby says:

    I've been doing this for years now. It's such a simple way to stock up. I also take advantage of sales in the store, if I see a buy one get one or have coupon I take advantage of it. I just found your channel and I Love it!

  8. Avatar
    Obsessive Prepper AZ says:

    It did for a few years and then stopped because it constantly changes and evolves. I know for the most part everything I have. I also rotate and use my supply all the time. I just think it is too time consuming and I would rather use my time else where! I think when you prep as long as I have you become very aware of what you have and what you need. It becomes almost second nature to me! Good question!

  9. Avatar
    Sandy cason says:

    I have read a lot of info about the dangers of fluoride, I am surprised that you use toothpaste that contains this chemical ? Or deodorant with chemicals the organic. All natural is definitely the way to go!

  10. Avatar
    Obsessive Prepper AZ says:

    We are all going to die from something! I am not much worried about what chemical! I have a friend that follows all those guidelines but when we go out to eat.she always has to have to have a mixed drink. Clean body and a mixed drink?? Do what makes you sleep at night and I will do the same. I had a neighbor that smoked everyday of her adult life and died at 95. ?? Then there is the healthy athlete that has a heart attack! Forrest Gump " shit happens!" 🙂

  11. Avatar
    yarnprepper says:

    I notice you seem to like one brand of items. Have you tried extreme couponing ? I never have to pay for toothpaste but I bounce between Colgate and crest, wherever deal is.

  12. Avatar

    Only us old-timers know of something better than buying tubes of toothpaste. When I was a child, we used baking soda and salt.We'd cup one hand, sprinkle a little baking soda in the middle of our palm, sprinkle some salt on top of that, then wet your toothbrush and dig it into the pile in your hand and brush your teeth. Makes a good paste. (The salt is used as the abrasive).Lots easier to buy large boxes of baking soda and cartons of salt then worrying about whether commercial toothpaste is going to go bad.

  13. Avatar
    Pat S says:

    Thank you for sharing your common sense approach.  We all need to find a system that works for us, and with a slow methodical building of supplies you can contain within your own space works.

  14. Avatar
    Mason Jones says:

    Can you imagine being in an unexpected crisis situation without a solid plan? Become the guy who knows it all, sets it up and salvages the house. Google Trankors Survival Secret for more details 🙂

  15. Avatar
    Julia Perry says:

    I do this too! I store my items according to room they would be used in or s close to the area as I can. My master closet is in my master bathroom so I store all toilet tissue packs/feminine products/toothpastes/deodorants/haircare/and body washes or soap bars nearest to the bathroom. I also buy surplus washcloths/wipes/and pillows/blankets/basics like socks and undies and store in my closet. It is pretty large and we live minimally with clothing and personal items like these that are commonly stored in the closet so I had a lot of unused shelving for the items to be stored neatly. Great video and God bless you for all of the generous tips!


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