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    drmachinewerke1 says:

    Interesting. Here in the States the first thing is a AR-15? Or a 9mm of some sort. Then water filtering ,knife small first add kit , a can of beans and a few payday candy bars etc .
    I keep a tube for a pickup truck tire in my kit. As the car has a 12 volt pump along with a hose to connect to a tire.

  2. Avatar
    miss pris says:

    Brilliant video. Brilliant bag. Brilliant sense of humour. Thanks for sharing. Loved the simplicity of the ideas as well as the use of second hand soft plastics. Well done mate. I'm coming back to take notes tomorrow!! 😉

  3. Avatar
    Stacy Reid says:

    Great ideas on all of it, a larger sized heavy duty trash bag is great to put your big out bag in if you need to swim across a river and a folding saw will fit nicely in the bag or tie on the side of it. I like the idea of floss that's one thing I've never heard of Thank you so much for that The compass is good only if someone knows how to use it and believe me it's amazing how few know how to

  4. Avatar
    Pia Barrett says:

    Hey u, another great vid, i particularly like the inclusion of Wilson, you totes cracked me up. Great to see your vids, and say hi to lovely R from me (met u guys at Hikuai 40th party some months ago). Cheers, Pia, aka "Charlottes mate".


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