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36 replies
  1. Avatar
    Grey Scout says:

    You are dead to me…
    Kidding! I'm a retired cop of 40 years so certain commie-lib rules keep us from actually hanging out. I however would be ok with you being a friend personally. So keep on with the vids amigo!

  2. Avatar
    AM Lopez says:

    All those experiences made you the person you are today. We appreciate you CFP!!! And this is why I like watching your videos.. what you see is what you get. 👍 Keep it up CFP!!!

  3. Avatar
    sweet liberty says:

    I appreciate your videos and I'm glad you will continue to make them. You're an open book and I respect that. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, you're going places you deserve to be at. I wish you and your family great blessings.

  4. Avatar
    Magic Prepper says:

    Hey CFP, everyone has a past and it sounds like you've served your time and become a productive person. Everyone goes through strife. It's how you come out of it that matters. Thanks for the transparency!

  5. Avatar
    Fallout Shelter says:

    Great video. Much love brother. We all got demons from the past. We just have to keep puttin a foot in their ass while moving forward in our journey. The experiences you have survived are what have you prepared for what's coming. Keep this up. Love this channel

  6. Avatar
    Huples Cat EPL says:

    I am subbed to a corrections officer, a police officer, and now an ex-con. The first two are straight talkers and no BS channels. That is all that matters.
    There but for the grace go I
    Networking is important. Your channel is growing fast so relax.
    Being a socialist vegan university professor is a bigger turn off for preppers 🙂

  7. Avatar
    Zebra2U says:

    Man, your past won't destroy your channel! You live and learn and hopefully move on. You're obviously making something positive of your life so don't beat yourself up. Either people accept you for who you are, today, or they don't. No worries, just keep striving to be the best person possible! That's all any of us can do. You've got a new subscriber in me. God bless!

  8. Avatar
    kim williams says:

    I really admire your honesty and openness It takes a big man to admit your mistakes and lay them out there for everybody to see. You've learned from your past and that's what matters. I just subbed to your channel-came over from Alaska Prepper…. Great job

  9. Avatar
    Shrimp58 says:

    I am from AP's community and it looks like now I am also a member of yours al well. Everyone makes mistakes but those mistakes do not define who you are as a person and well if people can't get past that and forgive mistakes well then they can take a long walk off a short bridge. I have spent a good majority of my life around people like that who felt a constant need to screw with my life and it used to upset me a great deal but not anymore. Don't let these people bring you down, keep your chin up. You have changed your life and regardless of your beliefs when it comes to faith, just know that God knows that you have changed and that is all that matters. Keep up the great job with prepping and I look forward to seeing all of your videos!

  10. Avatar
    Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Sounds like your cousin is a piece of shit that needs his ass beat all up and down the street, ida beat the ever living shit out of that scumbag pig. I fucking hate police, and law enforcement in general, fuck them all. There are no good cops, they take a job agreeing to enforce a bunch of bullshit victimless crime laws and statute violations and extort people.

  11. Avatar
    Peggy B says:

    CFP – my husband and I have even more respect for you now! Your honesty is appreciated and in no way makes us want to unsubscribe. Being fellow Apopkans – we need to stick together! Much love to you and yours.

  12. Avatar
    KY jelly says:

    it takes some balls to get on here and tell all that. it seems to me that you are doing what you should and you paid for what you did so that being said…I hope you make it big and some day see your kids again.

  13. Avatar
    shari says:

    They were not violent ctimes..You have done your time and spent too long running! Its a shame you felt like you nhad to divuldge your past with us. Your past is your past. I will not judge you on it.

  14. Avatar
    Asta mcguire says:

    OMG !! U R SOOO AWESOME !! I Give U tons of credit for telling all.. But was it really necessary
    ??? .. . arent U allowed to have your personal space & privacy ?? yes i understand why as U mentioned.. i did not all that long ago come from Alaska Prepper & love your channel & have been watching for a little while .. dont plan on leaving unless U kick me out !!

  15. Avatar
    1Life 1Chance says:

    Hey hun marfoogle subscriber here I am glad whoever that was that gave you a shout out because I live in Citrus County and you are the first person I've stumbled across that's even remotely close to my location with this type of Interest/content. Granted I've only watched two of your videos so far but I will eagerly be scoping out more of them!
    And just want to say… kudos to your brass balls of transparency!!! I know more about the REAL you from watching just One of your videos then i do about probably all the other people's channels I subscribed to all together… That's Awesome, if I do say so myself!!! Hehe

  16. Avatar
    Full Circle Florida says:

    I subbed you today because I live in Debary Florida, not too far from you. I liked your latest video. So I started watching a few others and found this one. Although I didn't comment on your other videos because I was just scanning around, I feel that I should on this one.

    I appreciate your position and moving forward through those times and the struggle you went through to get where you are today. I can certainly relate to parts of your experience. Although I have no videos posted on my channel at this time because I just didn't feel that I was connecting the way I wanted to, I will give it another try soon. Best to you, and have a great day!

  17. Avatar
    Virginia Prepper says:

    Hey CFP we all have made mistakes but that’s all in the past and you’re now a productive part of society. If you lose subs over this then they weren’t good for you anyway. I mean if you were a registered sex offender or pedophile that would be a different story. If forgery is all you did then you’re good as far as I’m concerned. Sorry about your boys and the way your family treated you.

  18. Avatar
    Karin Reck says:

    Meh! I have ZERO faith in the 'law' having worked in the corrupt AF 'judicial' system in the past and then having been screwed in court because it all boils down to who has the most $, who golfs with whom on weekends and who lies the best. So, basically you've had an interesting life and been through some shit. Welcome to the been there, done that, made it out alive club✌

  19. Avatar
    Holly Noelle says:

    My dearly departed Husband was an Ex Felon. He served all of his time and he was a good man and a great husband and provider. I love him so, still. And when I see his face on it really saddens me. I even wrote to them to remove his face, he is dead. They never did. No one respects men who have done their own tour of duty. God bless You, Man.

  20. Avatar
    Shannon M. Ehnert says:

    I want to tell you I respect you for deciding to pull out your skeletons and "come clean w your subscribers". I do believe we all have "a past", it's not our past that truly matters, but what we do today. I have had a lot of hurdles, health and personal struggles. I just keep moving forward, never letting life keep me down. Keep your chin up, and the ppl who would pass judgement aren't the kind of ppl you need on your channel.

  21. Avatar
    Scott & Dawn Cammack says:

    Not trying to stir the pot or anything but I remember seeing a felon who lived in Alaska who could use flintlock weapons due to some federal law but I don’t have all the details maybe something worth looking into for you.


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