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37 replies
  1. Avatar
    Sandra Nevins says:

    Absolutely love the vintage table cloth. I don't have a nice storage, wire shelves, yuck. So I keep canned jelly , small, ones in the box jars came in. That way I can mark on outside of box, date, type(Apple/pear). Then I put empty jars / rings back in box. I learned the hard way don't store rings on jars, might rust.

  2. Avatar
    Ludie Maye says:

    pantry looks amazing, you did great. I stack my jars and never had a problem. I would love to have a table in my pantry but there is no room, I have the brake bleeder and they sure are handy,I believe if a person has a vacuum sealer they need a brake bleeder . love you and hope you are feeling better

  3. Avatar
    Gail Reese says:

    Hell Tessie . I have an OCD problem . Not as bad as I did in the past. I use to have to have all my towels folded in just the right was and a lot of other things too. Mu towels and sheets I still do the same way I fold my fitted sheets with all 4 corners together and then O put my flat sheet on the bed so I can put the fitted sheet on top then my pillow cases on that and fold them all together. My towels are the same way . I have two of the same coller so I fold them together and when I put clean one out I just grab the one stack. The reason I am telling you this is that I don't know how you know how many of one item . If I can't stack all one of one thing together it makes me so nervious. I know you don't have a lot of room so I understand . My braine would be so scattered Love You

  4. Avatar
    Gail Reese says:

    Tessie I hope you didn't think I was putting you down .I was giving you a real good thumbs up. You have a real good head on your shoulders I would have given up trying to find something if it was not in one row.

  5. Avatar
    Martha Adams says:

    Great job you did and you will appreciate it next time you are working with food. I feel like I spend so much time organizing so I can fix food and put up the extra.
    Did you get some elderberry?

  6. Avatar
    Shannon Dalshaug says:

    Great job on the pantry Tessie, just wondering what the shelf life for minute rice would be? Does it store the same as regular rice?? Not that I have minute rice where I am lol it's been ages since I have had it, it's so quick and easy to make 😁

  7. Avatar
    Amy Bullock says:

    Tessie, you are always so amazing. What is this music that you play on some of your videos? It so very catchy and I find myself humming it in my head. Thank you for your inspiration.

  8. Avatar
    Cindy Hamlin says:

    I store my flour in 5 gallon buckets one bucket last me 6 months so I buy 2 big bags 20 pounds of flour that last me one year for all my baking. I also store rice , dry milk and also I put 2 big bags of sugar in buckets.

  9. Avatar
    Kimberly Clark says:

    I love all your videos, but I really enjoy watching you organize. It gives me such good ideas! Each year in January, I go through my entire house and donate or sell items I have not used. Thanks for all you share!

  10. Avatar
    Heidi says:

    I am adopted! 😂 We must be blood kin. It would be my dream to have anabaptist blood. My pantry is always getting out of hand. Lol. So much food. Also I love that song you had playing. It is my favorite YT music.



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