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32 replies
  1. Avatar
    Renee Glock says:

    Our One World Reptilans terrorist Govt are genocide serial killers human hunters we are GOV'T groomed stupid by our GOV'T Schools We are stupid alien humans being hunted and killed by our evil GOV'T who are mean narcissist pathological lying Reptilans terrorist govt.
    The news reports are all lies that's normal in this lying dimensional world of stupid alien humans.

  2. Avatar
    Renee Glock says:

    I have to wear a mask all the time because I'm deathly allergic to everything in this bottom feeder poison world
    like smoking cigarettes pure poison
    Trucks cars toxic poison fumes
    Poisonous chemtrails
    Poison weed eater sprays
    Flu shots all Poisonous flu is gov't controlled all poison
    Stupid alien humans
    And stupid alien humans think I'm wearing a mask for the virus
    They are the virus

  3. Avatar
    Renee Glock says:

    I lived between two hazmat houses and didn't know it for a year and half
    I'm deathly allergic to alien humans and our govt and our houses and food our govt makes us
    Stupid alien humans
    I can't live in govt housing
    Gov't owns all our houses now
    I will die of mold and mildew
    I'm living in my car traveling and can't find a safe place to live

  4. Avatar
    GrandsonofKong says:

    Another PLUS, only ONE NEW case and THREE RECOVERED in the last week here in the USA. The Senate video is from 01/31. Also the 140 plus from Wuhan at March AFB are scheduled to be released with NO INFECTIONS. I agree with the financial impacts though. Once the "pipeline" is emptied between USA/Europe/ETC and China it will take awhile to get it going again. Also many of these plants were run by ex-pats from USA/Korea/Japan/Europe who LEFT and will be very hesitant ( I know I would be) to return even if China says it's "safe". And I think you can pretty much write-of tourism for China as an income source for 2020 and a good part of 2021. Who would consider going especially when you hear about these poor folks on the cruise ships!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Avatar
    UFOs not Religion says:

    The numbers going down, reflect them wanting people to return to work next week. The prez made an announcement that he thought restrictions were too harsh and people need to go back to work to save the economy. They cracked down on journalists. Doctors, anyone spreading "rumours" can get 15 yrs now. They also removed non symptomatic carriers from the infected list. It's all optics.

  6. Avatar
    Aki Games says:

    The fact that people are aware makes the virus "infectivity" decrease, because they are taking precautions like the quarantine. I think this is not a "bump in the road" to the virus like you said, but a barrier. I'm not saying it is going to stop it, but things like quarantine wear the virus down, it doesn't have new people to infect so it kills it's hostage or the person survives. Again I'm not saying that these measures are going to eradicate the virus but it's going to decrease it's infectivity rate. Also yes this is killing but the media is hyping this way to hard, if you live in the US you are probably fine, it's like the Ebola thing a few years ago. The corona virus has a less infectivity rate and less mortality rate that the Spanish Flu

  7. Avatar
    akarb112 says:

    As soon as you've been mentioning TC I was out, and my remark with full name it has been deleted. Anyways, up to 11:45 there hasn't been ANY real new info from your part. Anyways, there's been any serious investigation from ur part, and I'm out of subscription, I don't have too time to lose.

  8. Avatar
    Veejaye Grealy says:

    From what I'm seeing the Chinese authority doing against the corona virus. It is quite worrying. With them dragging people from their homes on suspicion of infection and going around armed with rifles to enforce their quarantine . I worry if this virus is creating a political effect in addition to the suffering caused to those infected and those in fear of infection.


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