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    Soup Can says:

    Thank you for this great information video I'm going to buy all this stuff and other thing's today before it's to late i will be keeping kits in our vehicles , work and home also a backup kit just in case . I've never been any type of prepared person until i heard this came from a bio warfare company in China ( speculative ) food and water are next and a secure area by Saturday. Thanks again and good luck to you and your family.

  2. Avatar

    If anybody, the person with the virus is the one who should be wearing the mask. So your son should be wearing the mask. If I remember correctly, the first thing they tell you in Bacteriology class in college is not to touch your eyes. You don' t get good blood flow to your eyes. So I guess your body finds it harder to fight an eye infection.

  3. Avatar
    Chelyn Brown says:

    My local Home Depot said that they have had a rush of Chinese come in to buy the N95 mask WITHOUT the filters on the front. My question is, is it safer to buy the mask without the filter or does it really matter?

  4. Avatar
    Perico De Lospalotes says:

    You can count on having infected people around you in the USA very soon. We were safe in Spain and a German tourist brought it here, no idea how many he infected on his way. No place is safe, it is just a question of time until in three months or four they finally will release a vaccine and some few will get very rich out of our fear.

  5. Avatar
    Matt Theroux says:

    I have enough preps to stay in my home for 4 months. If they claim marital law I will not leave my home for months. Thankfully I have gas mask for my wife and I and many nato 40 mm cartridges

  6. Avatar
    YOYOBOY666999 R.I.P says:

    I was looking on Amazon UK for mask etc such as p3/n100 reusable masks. Not many available and then I had the realisation if I ordered some of these that they would take 3 to 4 weeks to get to me, becuase they are from CHINA!!!!!!!!!

    I was able to source a P3 respirator and safety goggles from Screwfix in the U.K and they will be delivered tomorrow.

  7. Avatar
    Miguel Loya says:

    Thanks for the info I love your channel I never touch public door handles or any surfaces that alot of people touch and if I do i make sure to wash or sanitize my hands alot of people don't realize how easy viruses can be spread please keep yourself clean and help everyone to be clean as well god bless you and your family stay safe

  8. Avatar
    k1mgy says:

    The purpose of the mask is not to protect yourself, but to protect others from spraying. Therefore I agree on your remark about a smart move t use one.

    A virus like the latest panic is spread long before symptoms develop.

  9. Avatar
    Nana Brown says:

    Con virus its called to scare you into not traveling &. panic buying , how many have died in western countries to date ?? How many Chicom,s have died ?? It could just be 250, just be hygienic and sensible .

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    Blutgang says:

    With the big rush for people to get the N95 I am finding better deals and supply of the P95 as people are by passing them. Just something to keep in mind. As for our preps we have full gas masks but currently adding some 3m half masks and goggles into our supply as well as filter supply. Reusable equipment you need to plan a way to decontaminate them. Google that if you dont know. NBC stuff is such a pain in the but. Give me a storm or asteroid strike any day over this stuff.

  12. Avatar
    The Feast Presents says:

    For those promoting the idea that a SARs or MERs type virus is not as serious is someone that should not be listened to anymore. These lower respiratory types can require ICU intervention in cases 1 in 100 as compared to 1 in 10,000 as in the flu requires – serious intervention can be required – this one spreads easily – the verdict is out on just how lethal it may be as long term effects are unknown. The potential for disaster here is great and far outweighs anything the flu might do – hopefully it can be contained – China is way behind.

  13. Avatar
    79BCL says:

    Basic exam grade gloves will work. Sterile gloves like shown in this video are designed to prevent infection in a Procedural setting like a surgical case to the person you are operating on. For personal protection exam gloves should be good as long as they do not break. Double gloving serves very little benefit unless you are dis-robing from a contaminated area and you take off a layer of protective clothing and still need to maintain hand protection.

  14. Avatar
    Johnny Jibsen says:

    You need a P200 or even P300 mask
    and the hole paper mask thing is useless, because it is not air tight around your face.

    P100 filters are not capebale to filter this kind of small particles or the coronavirus at all.
    There is no point in masks anyway if you do not wear a full hazemat suit and have a good place where you can get out of it and get disinfected.

    Just buy food, water, basic things and stay at home when it gets too bad.

  15. Avatar
    Ruiner says:

    10s of thousands DON'T die from influenza every year in the US. That's misinformation.
    Those numbers are from people who die from COMPLICATIONS from influenza. They already have other dire health conditions and the cold is the last straw.


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