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Right now, 200 people in my state of Georgia are quarantined in their homes for 2 weeks, waiting to make sure they aren’t infected with the Coronavirus.
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    snake pliskin2.0 says:

    I believe it’s best to have several months worth of food on hand which I do. I live in a rural wooded part of Wisconsin so I can avoid people if needed. One trick to add to your food supply which I and other people do every time your in the store grab an extra item or two to throw into your food supply.

  2. Avatar
    Vegetaki Johnson says:

    Prison isn't anylonger an opinion I'm willing to entertain on any level. If they try to push orders as they like to call them… we will start the killing game. I understand y'all don't know what's going on but make no mistake about it this is human done for a purpose

  3. Avatar
    Klawock Kidd says:

    I was in Louisiana during Hurricane Rita in 2005. There was no power, no fuel, no clean water, no open stores and no passable roads for about 30 days. We had to steal food from the local high school until the military flew in MRE's and drinking water. A lot of people got sick as well and the military arranged transport to Houston, Texas hospitals for them. A lot of people that had supplies lost their entire homes with their supplies.

  4. Avatar
    VAMobMember says:

    IMHO if “The Government” wants us to stay home they should be proving the food, water, etc

    But we need to be ready to make this decision for ourselves before we get an order

  5. Avatar
    laurie williams says:

    With that much rice, I might as well get on a plane to CHINA. sarc.
    Good to see you are branching out into the prepping area along with your knife throwing & fire starting Bryan.
    All the best from SUNNY Down-Under in Australia.
    p.s. Don't forget water, toilet paper, garbage bags, medications (if any) etc. if you have to stay @ home.

  6. Avatar
    aaron m97oh says:

    that's unconstitutional,. illegal martial law directives. never. ever. obey these kind of orders. they will take your guns if they can make you stay in your house for 2 weeks. .. i like the word voluntarily … but it was there choice i guess.

  7. Avatar
    Fernie Moss says:

    I have gone on month long water fasts…no food consumed…no juices, only tap water with added electrolytes made from pink Himalayan sea salt, baking soda, and potassium chloride.

    After day 3 the hunger goes away…and the mind gets sharper. Besides if you are carrying an extra 20 pounds on your frame….you have enough stored (already eaten food, now created as fat as a food source for your body to use up.)

    Intermittent fasting is good for prepping. Having food on hand is good too though. Conditioning ourselves to a lot of extremes is key for survival imo.
    Take care.

  8. Avatar
    HOS Ministry says:

    Corona virus…??? oh it can be stopped….but not by man…give God His glory and quit rebelling against Him and He may relent if it is His will. otherwise suffer the consequences of offending a holy, righteous and just God. For God will judge the sinner as He hates those who love evil….His mighty hand is raised with the sword of indignation and it is beginning to come down in judgment.

    As always…buckle up its gonna be bumpy…for those who have a saving faith in Christ, you are in the safest spot possible….in Him…for those who reject Him, the wrath of God abides on you even now and you will continue to stack wrath upon your head as burning coals, unless you submit and repent and confess of your sins and believe Jesus is Lord and He was raised from the dead and defeated death.


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