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outbreak #pandemic #wuhan This visualization demonstrates just how fast and how pervasive this problem may already be. Other useful information …
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    Jon Owen says:

    I run a safety supply company and was told that there will not be more N95 masks coming for a long time by my distributor. I have some in stock but going fast. Go to iLLGUARD dot com. Ships in 2 to 5 business days.

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    Ty Zeno says:

    ..and the bad news just out today by Chinese Medical Official, several construction workers building the new ICU hospitals in Wuhan have contracted the virus infection, apparently from biting flying insects.
    Gonna have to sideline my AR15 for this crisis and buy a couple good flying insect salt guns and some Raid Flying Insect killer. Not as fun as shooting Zombies, but, can't be choosey in this scenario.

  3. Avatar
    AJ T says:

    Placed an order for antiviral bio masks 1/24. 1/31 I got notified that my order has been canceled. "Due to the drastic increase and restrictions put in place by the Center for Disease Control we are unable to process or ship the item you ordered."

  4. Avatar
    PanzaR says:

    Shocking? Haha what kind of bait is this? I dont find it schocking if goverments bring ppl back home from wuhan. That is the most stupid shit our so called leaders have done. Im from sweden btw, and Corona is here now thanks to this "Briliant" idea of our goverment to bring sick ppl here. Smart, really, clever.

  5. Avatar
    hrdknox2000 says:

    Something important to note is that this virus could be dangerous, but more or less benign (I.e. not a killer)…on its FIRST go round, but mutate into a killer in its second wave, as like what happened with The Spanish Flu. A virus needs a host in order to survive and reproduce. It can't sustain itself if it's killing off host carriers faster than it can be detected. THAT'S where this could potentially KILL a lot of people, when we get complacent with the Wuhan Virus and on its second pass it decides to mutate into a more lethal form of itself.


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