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39 replies
  1. Avatar
    Fred Smith says:

    Whatever is really happening and whatever may be coming is a mystery. What isn’t a mystery is the fact that we won’t be told until the truth cannot be contained any longer…

  2. Avatar
    Chrissytoyou says:

    My kids have been raised outside, camping fishing , cooking their food over fire. swimming in dirty lakes and playing in the mud. I grew up that way too and try to Trying to keep them wild! I think China is lying their butts off about this , too many people saying the numbers are much higher, now 200 people are being watched in Georgia how many could they have infected ?

  3. Avatar
    Beatz Academy says:

    Been watching your videos and channel for years and you literally have tons videos about what to do, when to act, and how to react. A real world shtf event in the making that could cause global economic destabilization and you're saying in the first few seconds of the video 'I don't think this could be the end all event. I think it will clear up soon' . I'm hoping its because you're worried about your YouTube channel being taken down and not that you don't feel this is becoming the first actual shtf possibility..

  4. Avatar
    Ares Martin says:

    advice there is a vaccine available for pneumonia available which is a existing on going issue besides the added danger of this new virus, suggest obtaining it and making sure all shots are update to date while supplies are available, a few needles to the arm is better than a body bag zipping up and wheeling your body to a crematory to go puff the magic dragon.

  5. Avatar
    Hunter Glass says:

    Canadadian prepper thank you for your continued attention to this! Every should make sure your family has what it needs so you don’t have to go to the store if anything does come about from this outbreak..find your secluded place and stay there if this gets wild

  6. Avatar
    chas marischen says:

    Good video… "The Great Influenza" is also an 'I-opener'. It can be found in most Libraries… Unless one reads about it there is no way to imagine how terrible a pandemic can be. For those who like horror stories, it can scare one TWICE. The second time comes when you fully realize it really happened… 546 pages of gruesome detail… Example: When doctors became so desperate to fine what was causing people to die, that in one or two incidences, they performed an autopsy 'BEFORE' the patient had died; certain he was going to die anyway…

  7. Avatar
    missy grenn says:

    The tests are not working around 50% of the time (on purpose)???
    China had a contain date of Feb 8th, so Feb 7th they moved the goal post.
    If someone tests positive, but they dont show any symptoms, they are NOT included in the infected list.
    Patients "Cured" are sent home. Problem- per Germany THEY STILL ARE CONTAGIOUS!!!
    Cases get diagnosed as Pneumonia, so the real # is not known.
    As of last week Chinas official # on their own books was 25,000 and that is low.
    Taiwan did a study that showed if you STAND next to an infected person in takes FIFTEEN SECONDS to get infected.
    Only protection from this is to wear a hazmat.

  8. Avatar
    Plan B says:

    Carefully chosen words and well said. Consider the "best case scenario". China is shut down, due to being ravaged by the virus or just the fear of it. The situation now for the United States, even if it never spreads here. We will experience a drastic shortage in pretty much everything. The majority of every day items are produced in Asian countries. Research products manufactured in China. Hint…ask your Dr about refills.

  9. Avatar
    John Galtman says:

    Almost sounds at the end like you're advocating against homesteading… Farming is only a mess if a person has a low IQ and doesn't have information available to them to actually do best practices for handling different things, like composting…

  10. Avatar
    Howard says:

    Biggest risk is panic….essential workers decide to stay home….no food trucked in, electric planys run themselves only so long. Big pic….world population max supportable is about 8 billion. At that point nature will take care of the overdominence we currently enjoy.

  11. Avatar
    1454LOU says:

    I suggest u all read 'The Fourth Horseman' by Andrew Nikiforuk . A short history (240 pages) of the how and why of all the great pandemics and epidemics. Just do it.

  12. Avatar
    Joey Jennings says:

    i trust doctor john campbell his findings hes sticking to what seems to be the most accurate results given the information being disclosed. he also is being cautious and said with the numbers coming out there seems to be in question where to treat the growing sick soon? hearing you say about the demonetization and deplatforming? mainstream media and unimportant stories and topics are running exponential. renaming a deadly pandemic global emergency as defined as Coronavirus to Wuflu to COVID-19 as a study of Ro 2.6 adding the 🏢 apartment highrise building where found faulty plumbing caused positive results in floors below? 🚢 cruise ship & hospital 🏨 close quarters interactions.


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