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  1. Avatar
    Amers27 says:

    We are big on fresh produce. Girl! I learned how to freeze fresh mushrooms today! I have a lot of produce frozen. I’m about to freeze milk and eggs, too!

  2. Avatar
    Danella Cogswell says:

    I still marvel at how much you can get in that RV. Amazing! And btw..bkeach is a natural product created by splitting salt water. It can be toxic obviously if ingested or inhaled & possibly irritating to the skin. And to get the full benefit of antibacterial products like Lysol, you need to spray & let set 5 mins, 10 is better.. Stay healthy!!! And tgank you for talking about leaving some for others. So important.

  3. Avatar
    Cecelia Rossi says:

    📦📦📦 love love your videos Lorna. Thank you for taking time out for doing this video especially what’s going on around the world. Please be safe to you and your gorgeous family. Love from here in Australia. ❤️😘🇦🇺🐨🦘💐

  4. Avatar
    Danika Billie Littlechild says:

    Thanks for this video, I was so happy to see this topic pop up on my feed! Feeling like I have some great ideas for my plan. I'm a single mom of a 3 yr old and can't wait to start reviewing your homeschool vids. It's been hard to know how to structure his days towards learning, especially when I am so stressed about basic stuff like making sure we got what we need food wise. His daycare has been closed since the 13th and will be closed indefinitely. I need to be able to homeschool him and do my own job from home too. Anyway I can't wait for the other upcoming videos!

  5. Avatar
    Angie Lopez says:

    Love this video thank you for sharing, please do a video of how you home school your kids and what you like to use now that us parents now have to home school due to this corna virus thank you📦


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