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24 replies
  1. Avatar
    rob b says:

    Unfortunately her assessment on Venezuela is not completely correct, their income comes from oil & gas sales & the sancations thst were applied & the driving down of oil prices, because Venezuela would not let the multinational corps from stealing their resources. If you look at Venezuela's constitution it states the minerals under the ground are the collective of peoples. Thanks

  2. Avatar
    Ernst Eck says:

    The Rothschild Reserve is a global criminal organization, like S.P.E.C.T.R.E. It Practises Caballah Capitalism and has turned America into the Zionist Globalist U.S.S.A.

  3. Avatar
    Anthony Manion says:

    The number #1 job of the House of Representatives is to create and pass a budget. Thank you Paul Ryan for your failure, and opening up "continuing resolution". We may never see a budget again, unless we force this issue.

  4. Avatar
    ib12541 says:

    a balanced budget does absolutely nothing for our debt. also, a constitutional convention is extremely dangerous. it would put everything on the table, including the second amendment. better look before you leap.

  5. Avatar
    The Farmers Daughter says:

    When they took the homes from the homeowners after 2008, they took them from the designers/builders of those homes. That broke those people. So instead they gave those homes to speculators, flippers, and vultures
    Who ate up those houses.

  6. Avatar
    Quack Tuber says:

    "It requires citenzry to demand politicians are fiscally responsible". Lol. The people will throw any government out of office that doesn't spend and pretend us into oblivion. You cannot save people from themselves.

  7. Avatar
    Thomas Leion says:

    You both do very good in all way´s in this…but what I see is just a lot of symptoms of the problem that most countries don´t have a real democratic system ( like the one Switzerland have) were politics and administration are forced to follow and protect the individuals choise´s, right´s and asset´s….instead of be a corrupt, superior cancer of them.

  8. Avatar
    Jimbo 757 says:

    An informed citizenry?… And just how many citizens are on welfare, SS, disability, or government pension? And what about the illegal aliens who are on government assitance? These people are informed enough to know who's buttering their bread. And that not even including the average low information voter of which there are many. Our politicians and the budgetary mess are a symptom of a much deeper problem. It's unavoidable, America is heading for a crack up.

  9. Avatar
    EMAGINE says:

    Since Regan left office with trickle-down profits have gone only to the elites. Dick Cheney said "debt doesn't matter" while Bush got us into two trillion-dollar wars. The wars are still being financed by taxpayers. Trump is spending more than any potus before him. Good Bye America!!!!!!!!!!


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