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How Important is Water Storage & Purification to You?

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Prepper Burn Treatment

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    WarGrrl3 says:

    Because I love your med gear, I wanted to let you know about the Survivor Filter, it's 3 stage (That charcoal really makes the h2o taste great) and filters more than Sawyer for abt the same price. It's the best filter on the market. Luv you guys, hope you have a Blessed and Bountiful New Year . People, buy Amy &Joe's book, its fantastic AND a must have.

  2. Avatar
    Shawn R says:

    I understand the need to be ready and store water. My question is what removes chemical contaminants or heavy metals? In a flood situation there is no telling what kind of chemicals are floating in the water. Everything that below the water line is now in the water. From gasoline, fertilizers, pesticides, and whatever else was in peoples garages.

  3. Avatar
    lisa1967 says:

    A year or so ago I bought some purification tablets. I noticed that they are iodine. If I had a reaction to iodine bearing dye in a test will I also have a reaction to the water purified by these tablets?

  4. Avatar
    Michael Campbell says:

    But what about viruses would you not need a water filter that filters viruses as the ones you have shown only filters bacteria? Brilliant video tho as all your videos are thanks for all your help 🙂

  5. Avatar
    William Kennison says:

    Is there a source for iodine crystals? I'm talking about the 3-5mm cubes that can be put in a bottle for saturation supply for iodine sanitatation of water and other medical uses? It would be a whole lot easier than having to convert providone iodine into crystals.


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