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    TexMex says:

    I would recommend dried fruits and vegetables. Can be added or eaten on their own, provides some nutrients, vitamans Beans take a while to cook and require a fair amount of water.

  2. Avatar
    Danielle Marceaux says:

    Would not be eating poptarts because there is nothing good in poptarts it is all crap sugar but nothing else good for you that oatmeal is good and cream of weat what about fruit or vegetables and what about the puppy dog or cat or other animals

  3. Avatar
    389Lee says:

    You mentioned reusing the mayonnaise containers.  I would check the recycle number on that container.  Even though it has had food in it, it may not be designed to be reused.  I just checked my mayonnaise container in my fridge and it has a recycle number 1 in a triangle.  This is a 1 "PETE" recycle plastic.  It is not designed to be used again.  I kept a lot of plastic containers that had had food and beverages in them to store food products and have just recently learned about what the codes are and which ones you can reuse again.  I will provide a link to the plastic recycle coding system.

  4. Avatar
    JdK. R says:

    IMHO, if your first idea when SHTF is to 'bug out', you live in the wrong place. If things go bad, don't you realize the roads will be packed, and only get worse?

  5. Avatar
    marie marie says:

    you might want to break up the jerky and put it in when you cook the rice. in a SHTF situation, if you break a tooth on some jerky, you're pretty much screwed, even in a short-term (10 days or less) situation.

  6. Avatar
    WH6FQE - RC Anderson says:

    You do realize that those containers will NOT work for long-term food storage. Those types of containers are not completely airtight, a small amount of air will get into those containers over time. Also, plastic containers like that will not protect against rodents. If a mouse or rat is hungry and desperate enough, they will chew through a 5 gallon plastic bucket.

  7. Avatar
    Shit happened, what now? says:

    you are a sugar addict. in shtf all that sugar is going to wind up your children… I'm an experienced parent. "all you need is water"- do you have a plan b? water filtration? digestion requires hydration. The rule of 3s, 3seconds without hope, 3hours without shelter, 3DAYS without WATER, 3 weeks without food. I think you are under estimating your water stores! A quality cheap energy " bar" on the go is ANZAC biscuits… original recipe. these are shelf stable, cheap and easy to make and keep well. adding Chamomile tea to help calm and settle children is useful and nutritious. if water and weeds are available you can make soup, eg: nettle soup. learn more about this my friend 🙂 sports energy/ hydration type drinks can be useful. the electrolytes help avoid cramps and deal with stress. avoid those with loads of sugar.

  8. Avatar
    Shit happened, what now? says:

    with respect I think you are applying "day out with hungry children" thinking to shtf. Children under stress in shtf is different. you really need to focus on LOW GI food. packing for so many and with a back problem is a challenge. still hydration and electrolytes are by far the priority. Oats can be easily cooked in a lidded container with boiled water. let sit for 5 minutes. try at home with a bowl and a plate over the top. I'd switch the sugar for brown sugar…which still contains molasses… lots of minerals/ vitamins. Add some Almond or Soy shelf stable milk for hydration and added nutrition. chewable multivitamin "lollies" are a useful treat. Canned baked beans are prehydrated and filling…and generally low GI. rice and beans are compact and can stretch out nutrition, assuming water and a safe cooking space can be found. Please don't underestimate the power of genuine hunger on the tastebuds 🙂 Bless you and your family.


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