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    Trudy Barton says:

    I am canning chicken thighs as you speak. Kroger had them on sale for $0.88 a pound. I will be doing 14 quarts today. I got the last 4 packages of thighs sunday, and the last 2 packages of chicken breasts. Omg!!!

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    thefirst noob says:

    I guess now we know what companies do not make the products here in the United States but in China. I guess we do not make anything anymore. So I guess the United States needs to bring their businesses back home. How we have let China control everything in our lives.

  3. Avatar
    Jean Alice’ says:

    Good morning TJ Do you think the products recalled prior to CV was related to this disease ? Just a thought 💭 We’re all gonna fall to very hard times if this continues … if not already !!!

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    Susan Mills says:

    Bye bye Proctor & Gamble! I make homemade dish & dishwasher soap & laundry detergent (big bucket being made right now- makes 10 gallons!). I always make my own fabric softener and febreze. Made a big jug of softsoap for hands. Get some cheap baby shampoo to stock & vinegar or lemon juice will work as hair rinse. Baking soda and salt works for toothpaste. Corn starch and baking powder work for deodorant. YouTube has tons of household and personal products recipes. Most ingredients are basic and you should stock up on those. Learning how to make vinegar. I use it as a disinfectant and all purpose cleaner.Started to write down all my recipes for home and personal products in case we go off grid. (Even made organic flea spray last week. Need to get some food grade dichotomous earth.) I am using my time right now to prep food and various homemade products. Honey and whiskey makes a super cough syrup, toothache and teething deadener and a terrific sedative! Old Texas family remedy. 😊🌻🌵🇨🇱

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    grinning owl says:

    Thanks for the report. I recently stocked up on Toothpaste, Canned Chicken, 2 large btls of Dawn Dish Liquid, and Disinfectant Wipes. My next shopping list will include fresh garlic (which is said to be great for warding off viruses), a huge bottle of 5-in-1 Head & Shoulders (on sale at Costco and is a P&G product), a gal. jug of Distilled White Vinegar, Deep Woods "Off" (If A/C quits, we'll spend more time outside). Pneumonic Plague is spread by fleas and fleas are worse in the summer, along with flies, mosquitoes. At the moment we're dealing with gnats. I will also buy 2 Lg btls of Home Defense for the ants in our yard; two new shower curtain liners (made in China); Shower Curtain Hooks (made in China); Cloth Diapers (don't know who makes those); Several bags of Charcoal; Two Sling Shots and a bag of River Rocks (for the Sling Shots). I'm also going to search for some mirrors to put on our window sills so we can detect potential intruders lurking outside the house. I would prefer periscopes but doubt if they are available anywhere. I may need to make my own. I have the instructions in a how-to book somewhere. And I'm going to buy some Lime. We will need it to cover our human waste in our future backyard trench. The water company says that in the case of a grid-down scenario, they use back-up generators to operate their pumps. But if the fuel supply for the generators stops, then the generators will stop working after 30 days. They actually posted that info on their facebook page about a year ago around the same time some were talking about the possibility evil people in Russia might attack our electrical grids. I guess the water company wanted to reassure their customers that they had a back-up plan in place. The inability to flush our waste will create a whole slew of new problems, such as sewer gas backing up into people's homes through the toilet, sink, and tub drain lines. We would need to plug up those drain holes. BTW, Lowes sells products to do that.


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