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45 replies
  1. Avatar
    markus goncalves says:

    hey johnny mars
    i remember asking much about this product long ago
    ive been looking at alot of skeptics comments and thats held me back
    im wondering have you tried testing your water to see if the fluoride is being filtered and how much?
    ive heard the berkey does filter at least 90 percent of it and then ive heard you need bone char to filter any fluoride
    anyway i just wanted to know if you might have done any tests
    please let me know
    take care

  2. Avatar
    markus goncalves says:

    does your city by any chance fluoridate the tap water?
    the fluoride is not healthy
    even david suzuki a geneticist, well known from canada had his own genetics lab for a long time, agrees that fluoridating water is not safe

  3. Avatar
    Hardee Donavan says:

    . I can no longer support the berkey. I set up a real nice rig. A water keg, igloo type, and a five gallon bucket for the top. Two black berkey inside. My family started enjoying great tasting water.THEN I dropped it during a routine cleaning. My fault I know but they both broke off. And I cant afford to replace them. The plastic is too weak and that is what I thought about them when I built the buckets. So bang for the buck, not there!

  4. Avatar
    johnny mars says:

    I had a similar accident. Plastic is too weak. I filed down the broken nipples then I screwed a brass pipe INTO the bottom of the filter and reattached the filter to the containers. Now I'm very careful with the containers.

  5. Avatar
    johnny mars says:

    According to JEA, there is fluoride already in the groundwater so they don't add any, but don't take it out either. I have added the Berkey fluoride/arsenic filters to my setup. They hang from the Black Berkey filter's nipples in the bottom container.

  6. Avatar
    markus goncalves says:

    groundwater definitely because of run off from farming
    i know that theirs a " supposed"natural type of sodium fluoride that occurs in the earth
    this is actually calcium fluoride
    which is far less toxic on the body…

  7. Avatar
    johnny mars says:

    To keep the cost down. In an emergency you're not going to worry about plastic leaching. Do you know of any low-cost stainless steel containers? Thanks for watching.

  8. Avatar
    3DivaLicious says:

    You could probably go to a restaurant supply house – get some large pots – in an emergency yes, but I use my Berkey for everyday water – Fluoride will kill you 🙂

  9. Avatar
    hdidane00 says:

    you still did not explain how you and where the water supply will come from and how it's going to pour into the bucket with filters. and you did not explain how you connected the bottom bucket to the top bucket.

  10. Avatar
    johnny mars says:

    In an emergency you would try to get water from anywhere you can: a puddle, a pond, a stream, rainwater, etc. You take the lid off the top bucket and pour in the water or scoop it in with the top bucket. Water seeps through the filters using gravity alone. The top bucket and bottom bucket lid are connected by the filter and held in place by the butterfly nut.

  11. Avatar
    johnny mars says:

    I haven't looked into stainless because of the cost, but I am building another system from 10 gallon see-through water bottles commonly found at warehouses like BJ's and Sam's.

  12. Avatar
    impmegaman says:

    the black berkey elements filter out bacteria and viruses to nearly undetectable limits. No boiling or electricity necessary. I have the black berkey setup with the pf-2 fluroride reduction elements since I'm on city water. I got my filters from since they're a certified Berkey dealer and guarantee the lowest price on the internet. They even gave me a discount when I wrote in and asked. Either diy or the stainless is great as long as you get a good seal!!

  13. Avatar
    Shawn M says:

    Thanks for the DIY video. I tried doing this today, and once I poured water into the top bucket water was draining/leaking between the top bucket and the lid of the bottom bucket, and leaked all over my floor. I made sure the foam washers were on and the thumbs screw were done up tight. Anyone else run into this problem?

  14. Avatar
    johnny mars says:

    Place the foam washer on the nipple and place the filter through the hole at the bottom of the top bucket, then through the hole in the bottom bucket's lid, then put on the butterfly nut and tighten. Does the washer cover the hole adequately?

  15. Avatar
    Jeff Swartout says:

    I also see on ebay folks selling pre-made systems without filters for 35.00….sucker born every minute.  Hey are the ceramic filters as good as the Big Berkey filters?  They are way cheaper anc claim 99.994% filtration.

  16. Avatar
    Linda Rose says:

    What about BPS in that plastic? It breaks down to the same molecule as estrogen. Do any of us need that? By now this information is out there as I see your post started in 2011. I wanted to make a note of this research. Banned it in European countries and we're still drinking from plastic bottles and container's that contain BPS.

  17. Avatar
    Mike Goodman says:

    Would you recommend that, if this system is used and then laid up, that you leave it filled or empty? Also, can this system be used for roof run-off over asphalt shingles given the chemicals in the shingles and likely animal contamination?

  18. Avatar
    Brian says:

    I used food grade buckets and my buckets and lids had a good seal so the tap was very slow cause air couldn't get in the reservoir bucket when you pour water so I drilled 1 small hole near the top and the tap pours much faster . My system cost me $180 with 2- black berkey & fluoride filters (free buckets )

  19. Avatar
    DD- 563 says:

    I've made over a dozen similar to this over the years using the Berkey black cartridges with the Berkey white fluoride cartridges and there are a couple of things to remember as you're building this make sure that when you drill the hole for the spicket on the bottom bucket that you bring it up High Enough so that if you set this on the floor you will not put any pressure on the mouth of the spicket and snap it off
    Also it's best to secure the lid of the bottom bucket to the bottom surface of the top bucket with stainless steel screws with rubber washers or stainless steel nuts and bolts with rubber washers because the outlet ports of those black Berkey cartridges are fairly fragile and we have had them snap off before if there is any movement in the top bucket which means you will have six gallons of water on your kitchen floor
    It will also be helpful to remember that the top lid cannot be pushed down firmly to seal or else you'll create a vacuum and the filtration will stop so either remember to leave the top lid placed but not firmly clamped on or else make sure to drill a small pin hole in that top lid so that you can keep the dust out but still prevent a vacuum


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