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  1. Avatar
    Robert Oler says:

    nice job…I've built four of them they work just great in Houston Tx 🙂 I put some foil behind the tubing on the last two …it makes it a bit hotter but not really worth the effort. It keeps my duck pond warm in the winter 🙂

  2. Avatar
    The Goose says:

    I'm going to build one and see if I can Hest my RV in winter with it. Atleast during the day of course. I'm thinking it will be a Simi closed system using -100 RV winterizing fluid depending on if its flammable or not.

  3. Avatar
    jose bird says:

    Hi….I am on my third heater but this time Im having high water pressure on the system…the PEX is on the roof and the holding tank is 7-10 feet below. water circulates through a circulation pump….water pressure is hogh-80

  4. Avatar
    David D says:

    I'm building one for my greenhouse. I get brutally cold winters but lots of sun so I'm hoping to store the heat in the water during the day and have it slowly release overnight when it gets really cold.

  5. Avatar
    Rogerio Graca says:

    I would do few things differently. instead of a wooden box I would do with concrete (painted black) as thermal mass to absorb more heat and release the heat at night as well extending the heat absorbing during the 24 hour period. The cement would last longer than wood and would withstand better against strong winds. Finally the whole structure should be insulated outside to avoid heat loss. I would use 4 inches of XPS rigid foam boards or straw bale with lime plaster. This should be enough to protect the water inside of the apex from freezing depending where you live. Also the space for apex pipe is a smart thing to do because you are increasing the ratio surface/volume for more sun exposure therefore better absorption. One more detail gravel painted black inside of the concrete box where the apex will be resting and glass with a higher heat coefficient.

  6. Avatar
    Fran Prokop says:

    How do you deal with pressure build up due to increase in temperature and back pressure if you are not using the system on a hotter day? Wouldn’t you want a save system just in case? Specially if you have little ones around. A flow/pressure control valve and gauges to regulates the flow/pressure of the hot water will do it. Overall really ingenious👏 .

  7. Avatar
    RedHeadKevin says:

    Does this continually heat water as it flows through? For example, could I put my hose in one end and have continuous warm/hot water for washing a car? Or does this just heat up the ~2 gallons that are sitting in the pipe?


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