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    Penelope Pitstop says:

    I like this show because you can learn some good tips from the preppers. Some of the them are just crazy, and perhaps a little paranoid, but many of them are very smart. It's easy to laugh at them, but you have to give them credit for caring for their families. Besides, I'm sure the preppers are exaggerated for show. So many of us have gotten away from the "basics" that we have become dependent. I think it's beneficial for everyone to learn the basics – gardening, protection, first aid, etc… Everyone should have some sort of emergency plan.

  2. Avatar
    pauljosse says:

    call them crazy but in new zealand a news show knocked on a door randomly, they new they were coming but not what for, they said ok a 8.5 mag earthquake is striking what you do, they didnt even know how to get braced up, then said ok you have eg 22 mins to get to higher ground for tsunami, they had nothing ready no supplies no plan and the time it took to muck around they didnt make it, where i have 4 go bags and a plan, so whos the crazy one?

  3. Avatar
    AverageJoe says:

    I use to think preppers were nuts. Then one day at work, I suddenly realized that the economic system of the world will collapse. We were building 900 car parts a day, 7 days a week, and it went on like that for 3 years. I made a bunch of money of course, but decided that the car companies could in no way sell so many cars, people having so much credit card debt and the costs of rent and basically getting by is growing harder and harder. I just seen a recipe for a major disaster. No way would economy hold up and people continue to live beyond their means. Then I started preparing and tried to educate others.

  4. Avatar
    Bernadette warburton says:

    even if no great disaster happens to these families, they are prepared for life changes and income losses. that is no bad thing. people forget that preppers are optimists….. we are preparing to survive not to be defeated.

  5. Avatar
    huster104 gaming says:

    "Shooting skills"
    Airsoft breach training is better than her training her kids they should pay for someone with skill REAL skills to teach the kids i mean like building ieds are not that hard to make you can make trip wires around many things not just trees like under leaves etc

    I mean like I'm not a prepper but i have a better chance to live


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