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    Joe Stauffacher says:

    Aquasana is great company, and I am a huge fan of filtered water, it is true if you do not filter the water you will ruin your water ionizer machine. Filtered water is a must, but to say that water ionizers are too alkaline??? I've been drinking alkaline water since Jan '10. Changes my body has seen are just unexplainable… Houston is right, we want alkaline water, which Mercola doesn't mention, our blood wants to maintain a 7.365 alkalinity. Modern diet for the average person is too acidic.

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    Flemming Fehrenkamp says:

    Professor Louis-Claude Vincent (1906-1988), a hydrologist from France, spent many years researching water throughout European towns and cities to see if there was a correlation between drinking water and longevity. Vincent discovered that there definitely was a correlation, which was “all healthy drinking water has a pH below 7 and the more minerals the lower the pH needs to be in order for them to be safely utilized (organically bound).” Another important discovery of Vincent’s research was “the more calcium the “higher” the mortality rates meaning excess calcium does NOT contribute to longevity but the very opposite. Non-soluble calcium or colloidal calcium or ions of calcium does not alkalize tissues but does cause arterial plaquing, which will lead to stroke and heart disease. If one persists on living dangerously then wouldn’t it make sense to at least have life insurance? The best life insurance in this case would be to consume plenty of vitamin K2 not K1. The very best form of vitamin K2 in my opinion is MK-7. Summary 1.) Healthy drinking water has a “high” surface tension 2.) Lowered surface tension only exists in “sick” unhealthy rivers, etc. 3.) Healthy drinking water has a pH between 5.8 6.8 & and contains organically bound minerals. 4.) Healthy drinking water contains minerals with both covalent and ionic bonds NOT colloidal inorganic metals or ions. 5.) Healthy drinking water has an abundance of excess electrons (acts as an anti-oxidant) 6.) Healthy drinking water, important for longevity, contains little or no calcium but plenty of magnesium 7.) Healthy drinking water is kept cool and protected from direct light 8.) Healthy drinking water that follows these guidelines has strong anti inflammatory and longevity properties. 2.) When buying water: avoid traditional distilled water (for different reasons-involving another article); look for spring water with the least amount of calcium preferably under 45 ppm or mg/L and preferably with more magnesium; a pH under 7 is obviously the best but, as all water is transported from the source loses its carbonic acid causing the pH to rise, by adding a small amount of freshly squeezed lemon juice balance can be once again created. If buying RO (reverse osmosis) re-mineralizing is important: the simplest way is to add NO more than 1⁄2 teaspoon or 2.5 ml of Concentrace Minerals from Utah’s great lake per 19 Litres or 5 gallons. Total dissolved solids or minerals (TDS) of 68- 88 ppm (parts per million) should have a pH of about 6.8. The more minerals the lower the pH should be. References: The entire collection of books by Callum Coats on Viktor Schauberger and “original” French works by Professor Louis-Claude Vincent (B.E. Vincent of 1952 to 1986- Essential Publications and Electronic Treaty of Biology) and official transcripts of Dr. Franz Morell from Germany who worked closely with Professor Vincent; along with my own research that began in 1985 that involved $1.5 million dollars worth of research since 1997 alone.

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    neihuslim says:

    Embarrassing to say, I bought a Panasonic alkaline water ionizer gadget (TK-7405) for US$660 (but not through any MLM scheme) on May 20, 2017. It was supposed to make the family healthy and suddenly SMART! Well, it's been a little over a year. We have not noticed the improvements that were promised. But maybe I am getting a little smarter. When the ionizer expires in a few more months, I will throw it out. Save your money.

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    Rusty Hill says:

    Starting 5 years ago I started falling for the alkaline water makers propaganda. Fortunately I resisted and recently figured out the actual truth. As a result I started removing everything alkaline I started using. I then focused on my stomach PH during meal digestion. Your stomach PH for meals needs to be below 3. Drinking alkaline water and eating more alkaline foods was raising my stomach acid above 3 and many problems started happening because of this. Almost every new health problem I was experiencing was related to my stomach PH going up and the higher the more problems. Once I figured it out and got control of my stomach acid PH and got it back down below 3 all the many problems went away. All of this talk about alkaline and minerals means nothing positive if your stomach acid PH is not very, very low. Many people are not able to produce proper stomach acid PH and have no idea that all alkaline products ingested makes things much worse even though they fell better for the moment. This a serious problem because almost everyone I know has this problem especially people over 50 years old and most are taking alkaline based supplements unknowingly making the problems worse. This is serious and people have to take more responsibility for looking for and assessing information. Dr. Mercola is one of the best doctors out there but in this case Tomasz is very miss leading in this video. Most what he is saying is wrong. Also when I observe him in this video he is showing some of the common signs of alkalosis where as Dr. Mercola shows none.

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    stephen meinhold says:

    my way to assure the stuff i buy is truly grown under organic standards is vist the farm and obvously if there is no farm address or the address comes up as something else in Gmaps you know its suspect also if the original writing has been crossed out and the words organic are written in felt tip its definitly bogas.

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    C chan says:

    Artisian, spring or well water is alkaline because of the alkaline minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium etc and not by artificially split the water molecules by electricity.


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