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    Dawn Damron says:

    Nice set up , I'll have to tell my brother about this one – he owns a construction business and even though he is out in the countryside he has been robbed a few times – tools , big equipment & some supplies too. He'll be pleased to hear about this set up ..he'd used the Harbour freight systems before and eventually got rid of them mostly due to whom ever it was that robbed him busted them with a hammer. I'll have him watch this video to check out how it works !! Thanks Sootch !! BTW – was that some Christmas lights I seen blinking in the window too ??? LOL

  2. Avatar
    Dean Kid says:

    Great video! I started doing this three years ago and it's been very handy. After first putting one in our driveway we discovered we had coyotes creeping around at night. Then we were surprised how often we caught people creeping around at night.. Thanks to these sensors, by the time they get down the driveway and to our cars we are ready to surprise them lol. I can't speak for the specific one in this video, but I hear they are top quality. I use the cheaper ones you showed towards the end and they are pretty good. I only had to replace mine last year after two years. Now I want one of these because I love how you can have multiple sensors with different sounds without getting confused.

  3. Avatar
    Jay Hockley says:

    I wonder what kind of " Pet Immunity " it has ? Will it go off for a dog or a squirrel ?
    Indoor Motion Detectors usually have a couple different levels , usually 30lb or 60 lb animal immunity so false alarms are kept at a minimum.

  4. Avatar
    Bad Company says:

    I just installed a similar system without the solar panel. They claim the fully charged on board battery can be expected to go 12 months between charges. The hardest part is getting the center screw tight enough so the unit doesn't move around in the wind and hold its aim but not so tight you can't swivel it to get to the mounting points. Happy with it so far

  5. Avatar
    BlankReg Anon says:

    We have a Dakota Alert system that uses a buried probe alongside the driveway that does not respond to animals or people. It only is set off by cars and trucks. The one we have is hardwired to the unit in our house and has been in service for over 15 years. They still sell the hardwired version as well as one that uses MURS radios. This gives you the advantage of having radios that can be used around your property as well. They also sell units with the motion sensor like the unit in the video. We also have a long driveway and it is great to know when someone is driving up the driveway.

  6. Avatar
    whatsupdate says:

    It seems like home security cameras with motion detection and smart phone notifications are a better way to go. If something does go down it’s nice to have a record.

  7. Avatar
    X L says:

    I would put the sensor higher then point downward on an angle. Low level can give thief able to reach to steal it or mess with it. Thx


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