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    Devour Truth says:

    Hi, new subscriber here! I am 22 year old from southern Cali had just started prepping in January when a friend warned me about the virus. Thank God, I listen to him stocked up months supplies of food water and ammo however, I am located in a rural area in between two major cities with massive populations. Don't have much money to relocate at the present moment as soon as I get enough funds I'm out or if things turn into anarchy. However a few of my neighbors and I are forming a watch militia group to defend our gated community that has a natural lake and several pools I started a garden convinced several neighbors to do the same. Some of neighbors think my parents and I are a little crazy however if the supply chains stop working in Cali all hell is gonna break loose.I Pray to God this doesn't happen gonna lose a lot of good people I know. Kinda sucks was about to move out of my parents place then this pandemic happen. Thanks for all the great educational videos, I have been using them and many other prepper channels to catch up to speed. In the long term I see a lot more people realizing that they need to be self-sufficient a lot of young friends I have talk to are now wanting to leave the populated suburban areas start a return to homestead lifestyle, and not rely on the fragile system. I just hope and pray it is not too late for many of us.

  2. Avatar
    Kimmy Pfeiffer says:

    my pandemic has been a good testament to my planning and organization…wipes? check. rubbing alcohol? check. toilet paper? check. food for the duration? check. survival garden? check. water? check. all the things? CHECK CHECK lol ..lone woof OUT! <3

  3. Avatar
    no one says:

    I may not agree with some things you say but I really want to thank you for all that you’ve done. You’ve helped me wrap my head around how unprepared I am and definitely given me that kick in the ass. You have given me some very valuable advice. Stay safe brother and god speed.

  4. Avatar
    no one says:

    I also want to add a side note…. with all the research I’ve done, all the facts I’ve come across and what it happening at the moment, I don’t think this is a dry run. I believe this is it.

  5. Avatar
    Jason Pierce says:

    All these people talking about seeds not being plentiful running out. But did any of them consider buying mason jars vinegar and salt? So you can can all those vegetables you want to grow to get through winter.

  6. Avatar
    Shane E says:

    This is definitely a beta test for them

    I expect 2029/2030

    Will be the year they come for us

    Prepare now people!

    The deep state isnt in a hurry to do this shit hence why "we have enough time" is accurate!

    We got 5 to 7 years to be ready

  7. Avatar
    Jimmy Smith says:

    Hey brother do me a favor please pray for me mainly for me but for all those that mess I made touch the hearts of everyone in this neighborhood that I live in that I'm stuck as you know the enemy is very real speaking spiritually this neighborhood is so divided you might have two neighbors that talk to one another that's all I'm going to say love you brother thank you for doing what you do

  8. Avatar
    Jimmy Smith says:

    Well you are very blessed I know nothing other than my dad was murdered by my roommate I am a single dad what's an elderly mother that needs help I dont expect you to care but as a brother in the Messiah remember how truly blessed you are thank you for all of your time 4 time right now is the most precious commodity


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