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  1. Avatar
    darklordmenet says:

    i do a big shop every 3 months for the house because it's just easier that way for this family, and i get odd looks then!!! and that's during peace times, it's stupid. the people at the store know my family and they know when I walk in that i'm doing a big haul and they even open up a checkout line just for me to get it all done so I don't take up a line for others. yes I get basic things for every day and I also get things for stock up, planning ahead has kept this family out of A LOT of issues!

  2. Avatar
    HatchetFam Entertainment says:

    This isn’t the end of America but it will be remembered by 2 different types of people. Those that stayed home to stem the disease, and those that didn’t stay home who contributed to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide

  3. Avatar
    Jeff Leblanc says:

    If people do this then every one has to do it or ther will be a shortage maybe who knows if truckers get sick then product not going to market I don’t know about milk and certain things I don’t understand people but I don’t really understand preppers either so who knows who is right

  4. Avatar
    Pat Stone says:

    There will be food, this wont last for long and when you find out what else is going on behind the scenes you will be glad you were alive to see it. Stop freaking people out. If you aren’t able to contribute to a peaceful society you will be left behind. They showed us tp was out so people who never get off their butt and prepare would go get some food and get home. Now, enjoy your families, enjoy a movie, read a book, play with your pets, share food with those that need it. I have a contract to sell my food to a major chain, i know there is no food shortage. Just retailers catching up with panicked people.

  5. Avatar
    goawaken afriend says:

    They own you via paper money. No matter what food you buy they own the land it is produced on. Even the farmer is a wage slave. Every person is a slave to their money. This is why they invented the monetary system! You are best never to put your seed in to a whore so you leave no children to the monetary system! Do not feed their system with your children!

  6. Avatar
    Tony Nichols says:

    I totally agree with this video when we're not either situation like this by a couple more cans cocaine do it corn carrots whatever whatever you like
    Toilet paper is not hard to find incompetent buy some toilet paper well that she hit you you should have prepared before this

  7. Avatar
    goawaken afriend says:

    You are all enslaved to paper money and shiny metal coin money ! Idiots! You need to remove money and you remove slavery! Even the farmer does not own his land! Only nature owns the land!
    The farmer is a slave as he has to exchange his time to produce the crop for the super market middle man to rip him off.
    Money money money sending everyone crazy. But they knew this when they introduced it

  8. Avatar
    Tchad Toussaint says:

    I don’t really care about the people that grabbed 2 or even 4 Costco size bundles of toilet paper in case there’s a coming shortage, what kinda bugged me was the people buying the whole pallet and trying to flip it to desperate people for a huge markup. The shelves being devoid of any toilet paper at all afterwards is kinda what drove the panic buying because people had come up empty handed at multiple locations on multiple days and the news of that travelled fast and caused the toilet paper stampede!! Took me 3 days to finally get my two bundles but now I’m good. Funny, I’d consider myself a prepper but the paper was one of the things I just hadn’t thought of keeping more than a small bundle stashed away. Makes me think “what else did I miss”😟

  9. Avatar
    Yo Momz says:

    Bright side regarding "hoarding" and public shaming for it.

    It's pretty funny to watch the currency of victim culture utterly & completely lose its value. 😏

  10. Avatar
    Joseph David says:

    Wow, what a way for big business making big money! My obese neighbor buys tons every time he shops. People need their own farms, orchards, flocks, fishing, DIY life. People are so under control of the big brother system in every way. Empty shelves: your obese neighbors make juicy barbecue: taking it to another lower level of psycho mania. Ants prep in summer for Winter hibernations. "There be four things which are little upon the earth, but they are exceeding wise: The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer" Wisdom thousands of years old, but no longer taught in American schools kindergarten through "higher" education. What a dumb cuntry! The native Indian nations lived a much wiser life that invader Europeans destroyed. Agent Smith of The Matrix said: "Humans are a virus…" (paraphrase). There are a few virus-free. In ages past, those were the likes of Noah and his family of eight that built a fully prepped Ark while humanity drowned. Lot and his two daughters fled the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and lived in a cave. There are apocalyptic prophesied great Tribulation and wrath of the plagues of God coming: Worse than any hoaxy man made corona virus.

  11. Avatar
    missH9873 says:

    You are right about government can prepare their citizen. In Switzerland, all free standing houses are required to have a bomb shelter and they give guidelines of what kind of supply everyone has to have. They also give guidelines how to manage the supply. They also follow through by having the bunker checked every 7-10 years so everything is fully functional.

  12. Avatar
    Chewy1358 says:

    Man I totally agree with you. It couldn't have been said any better. I saw what was going on in China in January-February in Wuhan and I said to my wife they ain't playing around. They're literally boarding up entire neighborhoods. Everyone in my country (USA) are so distracted from reality that while I was preparing they didn't even know this was even happening. News Alert dumb people. Pay attention to what is happening around the world. Prepare your family for anything you think "won't ever happen here" because it will.

  13. Avatar
    hydroman911 says:

    Another update on work in Virginia, every contractor I know is swamped with work, with people staying home they are taking care of needed repairs. Crazy who would think that a pandemic would stuff my bank account. I finally bought that large green house I always wanted.


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