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    tami stone says:

    You’ve said nothing that’s quantified . Given the number of turns in your coil, the pipe diameter and length, how much water would be heated and stored every minute? Let’s use 20 degrees centigrade as the ambient air temperature starting point (room temp) and degrade to 0 degree C (freezing.) This way your audience can have a clear picture of the volume of water produced over a given period of time and at what temperature the water has been heated to based on room temp and freezing temp.

  2. Avatar
    Organic Freedom says:

    I'm so glad I stumbled upon this video again,now I'm subscribed so I wont loose any of your videos. I'm going to build one if these in tandem with my batch rocket mass heater I've just stated.
    2 thumbs up Engineer!

  3. Avatar
    Specialist says:

    1) This is not an "on demand system" it's anything but that. On demand means that there is no hot water storage, but the moment you open the hot water spigot at a sink, shower, etc, cold water is instantly heated and ready for use.

    2) You end up with a tank of hot water, but no method shown for getting in into the plumbing system, under pressure.

    3) Other than the old water heater being used as a tank, you didn't build this system from pieces people are just throwing out. What are the chances that someone is going to throw out 50ft of 3/8" copper tubing? None. Better to say that this is a system that can be made if you're willing to scavenge and old water heater AND go spend $80 to $100 at the hardware store period. Then to get the hot water into your home water system, another $50 to $100.

    I'm not trying to dog your general premise, just how you're describing it and the missing information.

  4. Avatar
    Pedro Santos says:

    If that water tank is full of cold water and the water is being pumped in a circle, hot will mix with cold all the time, temperature will rise…… but won't take forever until all the tank is fully replaced with hot water? Another thing is: will it keep pumping at the same rate when the water in the tank is getting more equalized in temperature??? Thank you for sharing 👍👍👍

  5. Avatar
    howard 55 says:

    I have a Mr.Wizard, out of the box question. With your rocket mass heater, go from copper to stainless steel into a radiant floor heating system. Then from your insulated reservoir of of glycol is pump into your 6" concrete slab to make a radiant floor. But the best part is the system can also as a chiller. It for some reason its not got tho YouTube. The main reason is the type of Glycol most people would think of to use auto antifreeze an its toxicity. I only bring this up to you because of your handle 775. Off -Grid is no-longer Log Cabins & Mud Huts anymore.

  6. Avatar
    Thor Thunder says:

    what a pressure like 60 ponds for a shower or 30 psi normal? You can hook this to your cold water supply with a check valve to keep it one way to the pump from the source of pressure and run right to your home plumbing. I can't wait to get mine hooked up.

  7. Avatar
    royalspin says:

    Having a setup like this combined with a hydronic heating system either in the floor or through passive radiators would be good way to heat a building . Also you can generate electricity by using the heat aka the thermoelectric process or using steam power .

  8. Avatar
    D K says:

    Or since percolation works by expanding water to boiling in a NON PRESSURIZED open system. When you close the system like plumbing in a house it becomes a ticking time bomb.

  9. Avatar
    joeseph desormeaux says:

    Make sure you have a pressure and temperature relief valve and it's piped Down to within 6 in from the ground so no one gets scalded or you don't blow that tank and kill someone.not recommended for anyone that is clueless of what can happen if that temperature and pressure relief valve is defective.


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