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28 replies
  1. Avatar
    Chris Fagin says:

    Love all your videos. Just bought a Thompson MVP, haven't done anything yet except seat removal. This is probably a dumb question but what is the spray product you used to coat the electrical wires on the side of the water tank. I know what it's for but what is it called?
    Also, it went pretty quick…… your steel frame you made for the tank completely bolted together or is it welded at any point? Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  2. Avatar
    Matt H says:

    I feel like you should be drilling considerably slower and let the bit do it's job instead of just pushing harder and going at a high speed. You'll be a lot nicer on your bits too.

  3. Avatar
    Bryce Katy says:

    Where are the thick rubber mattes from? The ones under the water tank. great build. I would love to see a quick video on your plans to finish it up, especially the shower/bathroom area

  4. Avatar
    pahz place says:

    Very thorough and hardworking guy. I was wondering why others weren't utilizing under the bus for storage space vs using the back of the bus, as I've seen in other videos……..and here he has neatly and efficiently created storage and tank space on his bus.

  5. Avatar
    Little House on the HWY says:

    Everything looks great. You make it seem so easy! We are ordering our water tanks and this video was helpful. A thumbs up and subscribe. We have some new videos of our school bus conversion on our channel. Please check them out and help our subscribers grow. Little House on the HWY


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