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    Haunted 55 says:

    NWA, what I am going to write here is done with all love brother…but, I am cringing. Prepackaged food is expensive #1 and usually unhealthy and empty calories where more food is needed to satisfy. I have done catering for dinners and parties so am used to 'doing' for large groups. My ideas for weekend guests would be as follows; Friday night bruschetta and olive tapenade to spread on homemade French bread. A spaghetti with a meat sauce, salad and for dessert, cookies and or biscotti with coffee or tea. Saturday morning, coffee/tea, yogurt, homemade granola for topping the yogurt. You should also have left over bread from Friday so could be used for French toast. Instead of pancake syrup, a bag of frozen fruit can be stewed for topping. Saturday lunch, leftovers, egg salad…small things. Supper on Saturday, homemade beans and hotdogs, biscuits, coleslaw. For dessert, keeping it traditional, Indian pudding with whipped cream. Sunday morning brunch or breakfast, depending when they are leaving, Belgium waffles with sour cream or whipped cream and a stewed fruit topping, coffee/tea. You would most likely have leftover beans and for those who do not like waffles, give them beans and eggs with toast. Everything here from scratch, no premade. Cheap, different and fun. Most of this stuff can be made ahead of time and frozen/refrigerated for use over the weekend. Your bread could be made on Monday, go through it's first rise, then shaped and frozen to pull out Friday afternoon. That way it is thawed, risen and baking as guests are arriving. Same with the sauce. Make ahead, freeze and heat up, then start the spaghetti. The peoples are going to be hit with awesome smells as they walk in the door. Sorry, lol…I get into this and now you've got my head rolling.

  2. Avatar
    Kurt Ellmauer says:

    As to scrambled eggs, my experience with Scouting is that eggs tend to be wasted during cooking due to pans being too hot.

    I strongly suggest trying to cook the scrambled eggs in a 1 gallon freezer bag placed in a pot of boiling water.

    Squeeze as much air out of the bag as you are able before sealing the bag.

    Once in the pot, move the bag around every few minutes to mix the eggs and help them cook evenly.

    You tend to end up with more edible scrambled eggs than you would using a pan or skillet. More even than my normally hungry troop can consume.

    Just make sure you use a freezer bag. I’ve done as many as 24 eggs at a time in the 1 gallon bag, but I personally think that about 18 is optimal.

  3. Avatar
    VoodooKitchenMama says:

    I was the cook for a Civil War re enactment group some years back, 40 people. It was a good time cooking for them, all over an open fire, all cast iron pans. We ate good, everyone had a full belly. But, I did have a helper to get wood or water for me. The big thing is, don't panic. It all comes together.

  4. Avatar
    Sonja McCart says:

    Camping and group meals are so much fun, but they can stress out the cook! Big-group cooking, I recommend pre-cutting, and pre-cooking certain items: Pre-brown ground beef, and pre-cook raw chicken. Precut celery and other things that will keep for 2-4 days in a cooler. I've done pancakes before. Best is to pre-measure or make one small box at a time so you can just dump in the contents of a zip-lock bag. Also, unsweetened applesauce in the small cups for those you think will want that. Those are shelf stable. Don't precook things like steak etc. Put in marinade in a zip bag or vacuum seal. If you do decide to bring any raw meat, have a special cooler for it so you don't contaminate your veggies etc.

  5. Avatar
    Sonja McCart says:

    Oh, one more thing – breakfast burritos are versatile, because you can make the different filling items and that way persons with food preferences or allergies can just take the items they want. Scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon or sausage, shredded cheese and jarred salsa. Large tortillas.

  6. Avatar
    Kali Kale says:

    Yep, for holidays, I've had to do ALL the cooking for extended family. If you don't panic, think it through it will all come together at the same time. BUT, a HUGE pot of Gumbo always goes over well. LOL

  7. Avatar
    algunjunkie says:

    two recipes that I like. One is simple syrup. It is nothing more than sugar and water brought to a boil. I add Maple flavoring just to give that taste. The other is sugar, fruit and very little water, bring to a boil and let cool, makes a quick and tasty jelly and goes great with biscuts.


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