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48 replies
  1. Avatar

    In Wisconsin our shelves are about 1/2 full when they used to always be pretty darn full. Its very noticeable for the people who are paying attention. Also realize a can of Pringles used to be .99/can, now are a $1.39/can. Prices are def up. Thanks for the vid.

  2. Avatar
    Val Secrease says:

    AP: I love when you do these types of videos!! Such fun to see what others have. I almost choked when you said .68 for yogurt…I am paying $1.22 for a cup here in PA. Does Alaska tax food? Some of your prices were a bit higher but overall, not bad. I have a question: What is the music that played in the beginning of this vid? I LOVE it and have heard it on other videos…it makes me feel happy for some reason! Thanks!

  3. Avatar
    DrValerie800 says:

    The prices at your Walmart are the same as mine in Arizona. My trip to WallyWorld a few days ago, most of the other parts of it were well-stocked (hygiene, drugstore, sports, electronics, clothes) but the grocery shelves were somewhat sparse, with several completely empty. There was NO distilled water of any kind, and meat and cheese prices have doubled over the last month. I didn't check the produce section because I never buy Walmart produce or deli items. Household items weren't too bad; there were lots of things on sale.

  4. Avatar
    Tricia Hartman says:

    I have a smaller walmart in my area and our shelves are pretty empty but I was just told, several days before this, that they were getting rid of a lot of employees which would make it harder to keep up with getting the inventory out. I was never told why they were doing that but walmart needs to get with it….

  5. Avatar
    Janet Hair says:

    Last Sunday, I went to Walmart for a few things because my husband needed his prescriptions picked up, and the produce section was super bare and what was there wasn't of very good quality.

  6. Avatar
    Northwoods Cheryl says:

    When I find a good deal on meats of any kind. I buy as much as I can, cook them up, and can them. I do sometimes can things raw pack, but beef especially gets a better taste if browned and grease mostly drained off first. Add pepper, a little salt, onion and garlic if you prefer, and can it up!! No electricity needed to preserve that way!

  7. Avatar
    Ginny Kass says:

    Checking your prices against ours in southern Minnesota & you’re a dollar to three dollars more per item. I don’t shop in Walmart so I don’t know how well stocked they are. Shortages in our other groceries are minimal. Prices are going up though. Like comparing how things are in other states.

  8. Avatar
    l vwv says:

    OH. Walmart consistently out or low in stock of even basic staples like milk, cottage cheese, bread. They also have out of date lunch meat and full price on stuff past the best by date.

  9. Avatar
    HappyGrandma says:

    The prices sound high but I know you pay a lot more since they have to ship so far. I went into Walmart in NE Indiana and was amazed that Campbell tomato soup was $1.49 for a 10 oz can

  10. Avatar
    Elisa Taylor says:

    There's a canned cat food shortage in South Carolina Walmart in Greenwood. Other local stores aren't having the same issue. I've found my best buys at Walmart are Great Value ravioli, canned tuna and condensed soups. They're as good or better than the name brand. I'm seeing a shortage of canned oysters in my area.

  11. Avatar
    Emma Traynor says:

    Your prices there and the prices here at our Wal-Mart in Ontario Canada are almost the same price. It is getting more and more expensive to feed our family's . Its becoming harder and harder for families to buy healthy good for you food when the fat filled, sugar loaded, salt filled foods are much cheaper. It is becoming very sad. 😢

  12. Avatar
    Brenda Smiley says:

    I love that you do this! I watch Mr. Tom do this as well. I really appreciate the perspective of prices or shortages in different parts of the country. I'm in Kentucky and it's all happening here as far as the prices. Some holes in stock. This all just tells me that continuing to prep is paramount. I got "luncheon meat" at the dollar tree largely in part due to your content😁. We are missing Pinto Beans around here.

  13. Avatar
    Granny Prepper says:

    Love the shopping cart view. We are moving to Kingman, AZ on Sunday. There Walmart has freezer dried food. Not here in California. Shelves look a little low. Our Walmart brand canned vegetable are .50 a can.

  14. Avatar
    Thea Yegerlehner says:

    Sam’s in my area has the cheapest chicken breasts and 90% lean ground beef. I can monthly for myself and 3 children and my mom. Canning is meat is so easy and dry beans are the easiest! I know what’s in it! Enjoy your videos!

  15. Avatar
    1Melody1963 says:

    My husband and I made a Walmart trip yesterday evening. Here in central NC, the shelves get bare in some parts of the store mostly later in the day and later in the week. Don’t know if this is a stock schedule issue or supply issue. Your prices are similar to here with a few things a little more or less but averaging the same. Prices have definitely gone up within the last two weeks on everything. Best regards, Melody B in Hillsborough NC.

  16. Avatar
    Richard Schmidt says:

    See the shelves in my area…sometimes very bare….take the opportunity to put some on your own shelf, I say! Blessings back to you from MN 🙂 Thank you for your videos—Dawn @ Rich & Dawn in MN 🙂


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