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Part 1 of an in depth series exploring female perspectives on emergency preparedness. In this part the questions ask revolve around womens and mens roles in an SHTF situation, how men and women differ as preppers and what are some major female concerns in an emergency situation.


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47 replies
  1. Avatar
    Todd says:

    Female Preppers tend to deal with food preps and guys tend to indulge in weapons security more then food why is that? Guys like to play more than work really both sexes need to focus on the whole cant have food if you cant defend it and whats the point in a gun if you have nothing to defend?

  2. Avatar
    Joe Lara says:

    Also in my opinion shows that bring women in with an equal level to men is the waking dead. Shows women who are neutering but also warrior like and hunters. It’s vital that both sexes bring something to the table whether it be male dominant or female dominant.

  3. Avatar
    Joe Lara says:

    The woman at 21:30 I was worried because my baby was born premature and was in the NICU so it opened my eyes to apocalypse moments to what can happen to pregnant women and their babies. I seen so many babies in the NICU that it baffles me on how women gave birth and still lived and their babies lived back in the day.

  4. Avatar
    Joe Lara says:

    I believe everyone preps in their own way and sometimes it may be good or not so good. I believe everyone should know how to be a hunter and gatherer. In the hunting community there aren’t very many women as to men of course. So I believe we’ll roundedness for all is better however in a SHTF moment maybe women would be better to be kept safe at home or camp because of those who may try and commit crimes against women.

  5. Avatar
    Rex Lathem says:

    I think it's a matter of mind set and how you were raised and I think we need to look at it on an individual basis instead of a whole group for example I was raised in the country with a low income household and everyone pitched in with gardening, hunting, food preservation, and wood gathering

  6. Avatar
    Cedarriver Inc says:

    Women have been nurturers for thousands and thousands of yearsthere is no doubt that in this scenario that's exactly the role they would revert back to or they would starve because no man would want to link up with him

  7. Avatar
    Xiled Patriot says:

    Another great video. The two women, FoodStorageAndSurvival and PrepperNurse are definitely educated and worth their wait in ammo and gold. The other four I would immediately trade them at a rendezvous for some pack mules.

  8. Avatar
    andy m. smith says:

    I think that women just don't talk out loud about prepping like men do. I try to help as many people as I can but they think that I'm nuts or that nothing is going to happen to them. Church people think that a lot.

  9. Avatar
    Amy Rose says:

    I have loads of respect for these women and I understand where they're coming from but not everyone is in the same boat as them. I can't homestead as I live in the inner city, I have no kids to look after and nobody for me to rely on to defend the house/shelter. Shacking up with a random guy for protection is more dangerous than going alone half the time.
    I'd love to see more single lady preppers who live in more urban areas and I'd some more support from the guys would be nice, I've been told not to worry about more serious self defence prepping because "I'd take care of you." or "find a man to protect you."

    The world ain't like that, and if anyone's partner dies… I sure hope they can defend themselves too.

  10. Avatar
    Eleven : Eleven says:

    A problem under stress is that women can turn upon their colleagues, this was discovered under combat stress by the British Army. Also they will transfer allegiance if they feel the "opposition" is likely to win out….as evidenced by collaboration with invading forces.

  11. Avatar
    Wilhelm w says:

    One of the ladies said that men and women think diffrently and i realized somthing. Ive been thinking about weapons ammo food and medical supplies locations togo. And that lady made me realize i wasnt thinking about stuff that they have been thinking about like children pregnancy ect. Ive been thinking about the fighting/survival and not thriving. If you agree or disagree or wanna add on leave a comment and lets discuss.

  12. Avatar
    Keara Chasity says:

    It's funny how some people think nurturing is weak. I conpletely disagree it takes a strong, smart, patient person to raise kids who will be growing up in SHTF. And running a house (especially in a grid down scenerio) is a serious full time job. As a female prepper I care more about my family surviving so if that means i play the role of stay at home mom thats fine. But the feminist in me know its important that I can do EVERYTHING.

  13. Avatar
    Kaskadia Jackass Watch says:

    Heart disease is the leading disabling disease in western society, without meds & tech, we'll be seeing a major population decrease in people over 50, having heart attacks and strokes early on. Diabetes another major debilitator, will see people dropping from that in their 50s & 60s, and those who are insulin dependent, even earlier.

  14. Avatar
    Slenderman says:

    Funny how women see themselves and men. One woman said how women care, provide, tend etc whilst mens reaction? Fight, flight, freeze, faint.

    This is why men need to avoid all women who aren't known quantities in a collapse. Most will just want your stuff and offer nothing in return.

  15. Avatar
    Edward Cabello says:

    Thank you Canadian Prepper. I particularly enjoyed the 2 Mature Prepper-Homesteader ladies, and Prepper Nurse. With age comes wisdom. The main comment that I disagreed with was practicing what you're good at and not practicing what one is bad at, because her husband was good at it. Not really a big surprise since she didn't really consider herself a prepper and was mainly concerned with environmental threats. I wonder if she has CBR suits and gas masks for her whole family? Perhaps I am a little too critical? I think all of these ladies are vastly superior in their preparedness; then the average woman of their respective cohort age groups.

  16. Avatar
    Dr K. says:

    Feminine hygiene? lol ok pregnancy and survival of humanity is absolutely vital… But she sounds like she's talking about vaginal itch or soaps. lol. Which is silly, biology and chemistry, naturally takes care of our body.
    As a female prepper. I'm so happy woman and men are different!
    That's so tabu to say that isn't it, I'm 2019…
    Facts that we women are not as strong as men…
    The fact woman can use sex to get what need, its manipulative…. Its nothing new.
    But i really wish i had old world skills, that should have been passed down from the ancestoral woman in my family, and i didn't get that
    My mum is a doctor, I'm a doctor… Which is a great skill set, I'm valuable, i can provide care, and health. But i want to know how to preserve, make clothes from deer Hyde. Shoes, baby blankets, raise a village together with other women.
    I'm happy to be a woman and I'm happy we have a biological difference.
    We can care for, keep the men alive and happy. We work as 1 to continue the species. But I'm also able to care, support the men in group, care and support, giving men strength so they can provide support and life. You hunt and I'll cook, prepare, care for…. And so do men. We truly are 2 different puzzles, pieces that match up, we fit… That's okay!!! 2019 is saying its not…. I beg to differ

  17. Avatar
    Wisdom Gate says:

    Ofcourse your monthly cycle will almost dissapear if their is a lack of food. I would want food water knives blankets guns ammo and plenty of matches and wire cutters. Lots of bacon and seeds for food. And plenty of strong men for protection and their in put! Definately have birth control.

  18. Avatar
    robert20351 says:

    Division of labor folks. You can't do it all. I know I can't .
    Division of labor is highly important. If you are single with no kids you kind of need to be a Generalist. Like myself. If you are married with kids you can specialise. I'll get to that point some day. But for now I do many things well with a few specialties. Few. Last year, I did a 6 month food growing program and ate everything we grew. A good experience but the people there were in the naive category. They thought the best of people only. I have a little bit more of a balanced approach. Costs and benefits.

  19. Avatar
    melissa poirier says:

    Ok it was really interesting to listen to the answers and everything BUT i know man that would be more useful then women at home watching the kids and cooking stuff and the opposite but sadly it was the main subject, no offence but it would be easier to determine that living and experiencing it. Even better, i propose gathering different people with different skills sharing there knowledge online so people could pick a skill just like in diablo where you can be an amazon, sorcerer ( cooker) lol, barbarian, it would actually be great to have different types of master 😉

  20. Avatar
    Jay Dixon says:

    Already subbed you dirtpatch 😛 Im sure you can guess why. I will say this, my wife chops wood, cuts down low branches, digs dirt, blah blah blah. She can do everything I do and Im sure most woman are like this, just have been labeled a certain way in society and fear what they dont fully know.

  21. Avatar
    Robert Coughlin says:

    The best prepper weapon is a single shot long arm, rifle or shotgun. Why not a cache of AR-15s? Because you'll be lucky to get off one shot before you're captured, wounded or killed. You can't play Mad Max and expect to win. These women think they'll be protected enough to nurture and network. Won't happen as the situation gets worse and worse and worse. Guns do not create food and water. Caregiving does not create food and water.


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