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    Voodoo Queen Herbalism says:

    One of the questions was preparing for young children
    I have a tote for the kids, crayons, color books, board games, pick up sticks, dominoes, jacks, etc. I have candy hard and chocolate bars vacuum sealed, variety of cracker treats, popcorn, packages of cool aid, for snacks. Any art supplies glue, scissors, old magazines to cut up, books to read, flash cards and card games, papers, pens and pencils, a pencil sharpener, sticker books, buttons and string. Yarn, food coloring and elbow macaroni. For my older girls embroidery thread needles and printed quilt blocks and tea towels, older boys war board games like risk and battle ship. I also have educational stuff, history, science, math, english, I also purchased an old 1970s encyclopedia set at an estate sale. Grandma has them covered! Lol hope this helps.

  2. Avatar
    Robin Morreira says:

    Sorry I missed the stream, was out 'prepping' myself before the traffic gets bad. The items You bought are excellent! I've bought some of those myself to stock up on in the past year. I also bought extra fire extinguishers a while back, can't have too many of those. I need more duck tape & yeast & batteries.

  3. Avatar
    marcy chain says:

    I hope to make an extra stock up trip to Sam's this weekend. I have my cart full and adding to it daily as I go through each room. I made an Amazon order and it should be here Friday. I will continue to add to my supplies as I can afford it . I have plenty of the basics rice, beans,flour ,sugar , home canned goodies , peanut butter, canned and powdered milk. I can feed my family very well with the basics . I have cocoa powder and nuts , dried fruit and jellies to satisfy their sweet tooths . Sure there will be things I forget or run out of but we will get by just fine . People in the old days made do with a lot less. Thank you AP for reminding me to add foil to my cart. God bless !

  4. Avatar
    Howzit Cruzin thru life says:

    Watching your video on my lunch break. Lol
    I would suggest to stock up on Tylenol and cold medicine (our local pharmacy in our building had been low on supplies for over a week).
    Told my daughter to stock up on diapers for her daughter and feminine products (glad I’m over THAT lol).
    Safeway having a sale on chicken breast and pork chops for $1.99 until Friday so gonna try canning chicken tonight.
    Spam ….still $1.99 at Longs. Lol.
    I’m just buying whatever I can while it’s still affordable and available.
    Great video AP.
    Many blessings and much Aloha everyone 🌴🤙🏽🌋

  5. Avatar
    Mama97054 says:

    Marie Calendar's pot pies are loaded with meat. I was wondering if I could cook one, break it apart, and dehydrate it and seal in mylar? ☮️❤️☀️🌈🌎😇😇😇😛

  6. Avatar
    K H-C says:

    I am so glad you found the generic vapo rub! That stuff is terrific.

    One item I think many don't know about, or don't know the worth of- nasal rinse kits. My minor daughter had surgery for a severely deviated septum back in Nov and had to rinse twice a day to keep it cleaned out and healing. Fast and easy, and every Fellow/Doc I've seen in her post op visits has mentioned they SWEAR by the rinses if they feel a cold coming on. These ENT Docs say doing these rinses twice a day if you're getting something can help greatly reduce the duration and severity. The bottle rinses, where you insert in a nostril and squeeze, clean out your sinuses better than a Neti pot, according to the Doc. Something to consider, especially if you are prone to heavy colds or sinus infections.

  7. Avatar
    Glenda Mayer-McMaster says:

    Something I have prepped is extra canning jars and lids. I now have enough jars to can everything in my freezers as well as lids both Tattler and regular metal lids to last for a long long time. I got most of my jars at garage sales and thrift stores for .25 or less per jar. As soon as I bring them home I wash them in bleach and put them in boxes. I love SamsClub Delivery. I have gotten paper plates the actual paper ones so that I can burn them in my wood stove, TP, paper towels although we use cloth napkins, paper towels will be useful to clean up things in a SHTF situation. Razors, body wash soap, toothpaste, shampoo, as well as extra Fels Naptha, borax, and washing soda to make laundry soap, also supplies to make bar soap such as oils and lye, oil for my oil lamps and extra wicks, feminine hygiene items. I also pick up different sizes of unopened adult diapers at thrift stores.

  8. Avatar
    DRUMMER says:

    AP, it looks like you're very short sitting in that low chair! LOL It looks like you could use one of those booster seats they use for little kids. LOL All kidding aside, this was a very good video, AP. Thanks for all you do! God bless.

  9. Avatar
    Sharon Stern says:

    Great ideas, all. I bought some of these same items recently. I suggest parchment paper and slow cooker/roasting bags, as these make cleaning up much easier. I will be buying more cough and cold items, roll plastic (so many purposes), and I’ll be canning as much meat as I am able, for as long as it’s available at a reasonable price. I’m way ahead of most (probably all) people I know, but way behind being completely prepared, but I’m working in it!

  10. Avatar
    Michael says:

    14 g is too small for 100 feet I would go 12 gauge min is 20 amps 10 G is 30 amps all my gen cords are 10 g for 30 amp longer the distance the bigger the wire you need to avoid burning down something a too small cord won't pop the breaker it just melts and ruins compressors etc


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