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How Important is Water Storage & Purification to You?

It should be every prepper's #1 priority & vital concern! The $20 Solution! A large Fresnel Lens (moderate Fresnel groove) solar focused on a copper lens tube with a 12 V pump (powered by two 6 watt …
Prepper Burn Treatment

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    Jas L Land says:

    For eye protection, what level welding glass are you using in your goggles? Eye protection is really important, I know, but what specific level is necessary?

  2. Avatar
    Jeff Walker says:

    Dan didn't mention the specifics:

    7 gallons water = 58.38 lbs.
    63F to 106F = 43F change in "about the hour mark", according to Dan.
    1 BTU = 1lb of water raised 1 Degree F.
    58.38 lbs X 43 = 2,510btu/hour

  3. Avatar
    Jeff Walker says:

    At 2510btu/hr….

    3413 BTU = 1 kW.
    This is a .7354 kW system

    1 horsepower = 746 watts
    1000 watts = 1kW….SO….

    735.4 watts is almost a 1 horsepower system, but not quite.

    If this were a swimming pool it is no longer 7 gallons….He is going to need a bigger system because the evaporative cooling effect at nighttime will completely destroy any gains during the day.

    Average swimming pool = 18000 gallons. At 2510 BTU/hr…= 2571 hours until the entire pool is 106 degrees. That comes to about 4 months wait time, which might work out if you can keep the water from losing heat and steaming off.

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    james williams says:

    Almost 10 years later as someone who wants to go into water treatment this is a fascinating video. One day my hope is that I can use something like a fresnel lens to create a form of passive desalination to better humanity.


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