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40 replies
  1. Avatar
    Suzie Beepat says:

    Hey man am in door looking at your last video it makes me feel good to see your market is in the flow , a lot of people together and hardly any mask , I don’t blame them it’s annoying to keep doing but we still have to be careful. In N.Y they will start giving you a ticket if your together so far we don’t have curfew , hope not sorry to hear Guyana have it stay safe and be well

  2. Avatar
    Karl Tyndall says:

    Good evening, enjoy watching your vlog!! Its time for you and the family to be safe my brother!! I saw something which seems interesting, its the garlic tea, I guess its with ginger and a bit of cinnamon?

  3. Avatar
    Sharon Boyce says:

    Hi Denny what is wrong with your prople what is going on is serious is not a joke clesn up every thing and freeze you know Denny cabbage last a long time why you destroy the bag you must try to wash it so if there are no holes good for the garbage enjoy your lunch with your family bless day keep ssfe thank for the video

  4. Avatar
    Kenneth Ross Smith says:

    Hi Denny, good to see another one of your video !! Here in Canada 🇨🇦 we are in Lock down due to the Covid-19 it's a serious virus but we have to fight it. Surprise to see that people are not taking this seriously in the market. You and your family stay safe and be safe !!
    God bless you all !!
    Oh, I forgot. Make sure to stock up on that Grey Goose… Stay safe buddy !! Bless up !!

  5. Avatar
    Bibi Zee Boohoo says:

    Good for you and family Denny stocking up on enough food for a while. So much hard work you all put in. Keep staying safe you and family. Love looking at your videos. I am a fellow Guyanese by birth, but now lives in the UK, trying to stay safe as well with hubby.😊😊😊👍👍👍👍🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  6. Avatar
    terry ram says: saying you suprise to see all them people in the market and like they not taking the coronavirus serious…you feel they not suprise to see you ALSO…..hmmmmmm

  7. Avatar
    Liza Mckoy says:

    I must commend you at the way you get involved with the cooking and preping your food. Every husband should take example from you. Some of them only help when they are in the mood.
    God bless you and your family.

  8. Avatar
    jenkudla says:

    Thanks for sharing your life with us! It was really nice to see the fish market and all that fresh produce. Hope all of you stay safe and looking forward to more videos.

  9. Avatar
    Nmaylene says:

    Hello Danny, I enjoyed watching your videos especially the ones at the market. Wish I could get some of these fresh fishes, fruits & vegetables here in Connecticut USA. Stay safe I am glad you and your family are taking the precautions necessary to avoid the Coronavirus. ♥️

  10. Avatar
    Jason Codrington says:

    This was a nice video amidst the COVID. I feel like this is a prelude to a series of home-cooking videos, which will be as equally enjoyable as some of your road trip videos. Is the Luckanani a relative of Bass? Stay safe.

  11. Avatar
    Desmond Burnett says:

    Do not let the tomatoes ripe on the tree. The tree will want to produce the best tomato for reproduction. Therefore, keep picking the tomatoes green and you will have a abundance of tomatoes.


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