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  1. Avatar
    Jim Hendleman says:

    Be sure that you place 2×4 lumber strips between your cement floor (or another flooring) – called dunnage. Food containers somehow pick up the cement taste when not so protected. The items are also protected from water leaks, flooding, etc. H

  2. Avatar
    Alex in The Middle says:

    Who wants oil in their milk? Especially powdered milk? Why couldnt u edit the 14 gallons of water per person to drink per day out? How are u going to get old sugar down into bottom of tub? Empty tub every time? Why have that many cans of pineapple? What would you use it for? Looks like a store! Each to their own i guess!

  3. Avatar
    snake pliskin2.0 says:

    Nothing wrong with prepping food but last thing I would do is produce a video or tell anyone. Once one person knows everybody else eventually will find out. Lay low and stay incognito.

  4. Avatar
    Ohio Ladybug says:

    What a beautiful food storage pantry. My hubby said shame on you for sharing because he has more items on his honey do list 😉. We turned our formal living room into a pantry. I garden and can and feel it very necessary to plan ahead. My FoodSaver has a jar sealer and I love it. Thanks for the great video. I will check out your website.

  5. Avatar
    Keith Howard says:

    Get seeds now while still in stores please. 1st Thessalonians 5:3 When they say peace and Safety then comes sudden destruction and none shall escape. No running water electricity or cars. You should start watching youtube videos on fish traps and other survival videos. Hand digging shallow water wells. Please Find CHRIST Please

  6. Avatar
    Niki Williams says:

    Great job on the video, thanks for sharing your tips. I'm glad you are taking steps to take care of your family in case of extended emergency. You are to be applauded for that. Way too many people keep their heads in the sand and think nothing could ever happen and they won't ever experience trouble

  7. Avatar
    Pro & Contra Deutschland says:

    Wow! Very well organized and very thoughful in ever detail. RESPECT!!! One question remains: How do you store foods that are rich in vitamins? What I see in these shelfs is tons of carbohydrates, sugar, fat and almost all ntrients a human being needs. But only very little vitamines. Canned fruits (as you probably know) are tasty and rich in sugar but don't retain the vitamines very well. Freeze dried fruits actually are a very good option but they are very expensive. So, how do do it?

  8. Avatar
    601salsa says:

    Urm the average human can only need to drink 2-5 litres of water to drink per day. That abiut 1 gallon of water per day. 14 gallons is enough to drink, wash and cook for about 3 days.

  9. Avatar
    janice Rigsbee says:

    A person should have at least 14 gallons per person on hand at one gallon a day for 14 days and also be sure to rotate your food in your food storage and be sure when you rotate your food storage butcher new food to the back and pull your old to the front

  10. Avatar
    janice Rigsbee says:

    Check with your local Mormon church normally the Relief Society president will be able to help you the church has the Bishops Storehouse were you can purchase long-term food storage and you don't have to be LDS to purchase from there

  11. Avatar
    janice Rigsbee says:

    Another thing to remember is when storing food store inside the house in a cool dark place not in the Attic or garage or a shed outside also remember never store any type of cleaning products or any chemicals above your food always keep your food and other chemicals separate so you don't get cross-contamination and always store food that your family enjoys eating

  12. Avatar
    James Strawn says:

    If a person were starting from scratch, one strategy might be to build the shelves out into the room rather than on the walls. Build in rows. You stock one side and use the other. Automatic rotation and no spoilage.

  13. Avatar
    Angelika Bertrand says:

    Men. We are only 2 people. I cant eat much can food cause type 2 diabetic and need to watch sodium intake.
    I d rather stuck up more on dry pasta, rice, peanut butter, can my own jam, dry kidney beans,black eyed beans, rice, and other dryed things…..
    You can make much healthier meals that way.


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