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49 replies
  1. Avatar
    SilentSentry says:

    Why are there brand new never-lived-in SUPER MEGACITIES in China that have been standing empty for years? Are only HIGH SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE people to be (or have been, or are being) relocated to those new super megacities? How is food being delivered to blocked-from-the-outside 'quarantined' living spaces? Is food even being delivered? People need food to survive. Are they locking people in their homes to just let them rot and die? Are there even any people left inside the homes that are being 'locked' (yes, literally, the authorities are blocking off the exit/entry doors and nailing them shut from the OUTSIDE on 'quarantined' houses, apartments, buildings [?undesirables' – 'low social credit score']?

    What if the Wu-virus is actually a planned mass genocide, part of a HUGE 'depopulation' plan? How do you 'hide' tens of millions of people – and their 'pets'? Are pets 'allowed' in the new super megacities? Where have the all people gone? Where did they disappear to – did the 'virus' get them? Where are they burying/ burning the bodies? Could the Wu-virus just be part of a 'cover story' for something much more sinister? Conspiracy theory perhaps – but what if it isn't…?

    And we all know, according to the UN Agenda 21, 2030, 2050 what the UN 'plans' are for dealing with billions of people ['overpopulated' planet]- wanting to put ('selected') people in 'authorized' human habitat areas only, that are closely guarded, monitored and controlled and super cities that have limited/ restricted access, exit and entry? What is one of the most densely 'populated' nations [China]? What's a fast way to get rid of millions – even billions of people – and simply 'disappear' the bodies? Under guise of 'what'…? But that's just 'conspiracy theory', right?

    Is [China] a BETA…?

  2. Avatar
    tomsmith91193 says:

    Sir I am not trying to be disrespectful but I feel after the Super Bowl. And next week more cases will come out the government does not want to loose the revenue from it. Next week will be critical as to what will happen here I feel. I think you are spot on Don’t Panic look listen take this time to prepare and have a plan ironed out if you don’t

  3. Avatar
    Sandra McCollum says:

    Do not Panic. we already know that the CDC is not telling us everything it could be worst than they let on so just prepare like its wont hurt anything to be prepare.because with the food prices and everything you can always use the extra food water meds cleaning goods I have cookies that I canned boy was I glad I did that look at the price of cookies and other things God Bless everyone . we still go out we went out tonight and got supper my husband goes to the post office everyday just like anyother day but we keep and eye open just to see whats going on and that's really all that you can do. I had order some extra #10 cans of stuff still waiting on some of it they said it would not come until next work that's ok.if nothing happens that's great at least we will have it 30 yrs down the road take care but do not panic

  4. Avatar
    Paul Taylor says:

    I'm gonna have to call BS on this virus. I believe it is real, but i think in the big scheme of things, it's a non event and the powers that be wanna blow it out of proportion to make it look like a bigger deal so they can use it to mask the real reason why the economy collapses. Just my opinion

  5. Avatar
    Fred Rose says:

    May I ask what is everyone doing with their 401k stock portfolio's? Is anyone moving out of stocks into more slow growth, sure savings just for this time being with the unknowns? I know it's all individual, but what are most doing? Just trying to get an idea — Thanks, Paige

  6. Avatar
    sheshe7 j says:

    I'm sorry maybe it's that gangster in me being raised in Baltimore city but Corona has a kill rate of 2% where is Ebola had a kill rate of 50% the flu has a kill rate at 15% until in upgrades and kill rate the flu is more frightening than Corona I'm still drinking that b****😤😃😃

  7. Avatar
    madhatter glttrs says:

    I just watched the news from Beijing, and they're saying by their count 16,000 PPL are infected and 650 Dead from Virus as of todays #'s..which I doubt that they are evn close from the real#'s,and sadly we will never truly know..Stay Safe

  8. Avatar
    Mr. Beach Walker says:

    I am not being critical but I think you are being premature in telling ppl to avoid public places. If ppl start staying away from restaurants and places of business or staying home from work, the economy will suffer prematurely. Use ur head. If you start hearing of ppl gettng sick in your area, that is the time to take precautions. Also if you are in a state or area that is more rural or a low number of Chinese travelers, your area should be less at risk.

  9. Avatar
    S Maberry says:

    Philipines has had the 1st death outside of China.
    A video from "Koreana Jones" translated from a Chinese man who has posted many videos. In his last translated video, the man reviewed a speaker talking about the virus. He said approx 300k escaped from Wuhan daily the week prior to lock-down mostly to Shanghai. That totals 2.1 million people left Wuhan potentially infected. Air flights prior based on destination had about 1,000 people to Philippines, Taiwan Thailand, Australia, Dubai, Singapore, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, London, etc.. Global travel 1,000 people each destination since this started. How many planes now are carriers, not to mention staff, luggage handlers, etc..

  10. Avatar
    TheCattracker says:

    im not sure why everyone keep saying this isnt so bad. the "official" numbers are 17,000 infected–little less than 400 dead and a little more than 400 recovered. is that not almost a 50% percent kill rate as of now?

  11. Avatar
    makeitallrite11 says:

    The bad thing about this game they play is we know they are playing a game.  It is to our advantage they believe we are stupid. Stay alert and prep. If it takes off I hope folks keep their kids home from school, but plan on bunking in for about a month is my best guess. I pity the big cities…damn those folks will be in trouble.

  12. Avatar
    T's Promo says:

    I saw a video today of a guy in china and hi saying goverment is telling to give rent fee month's to people and i think he said cause of holiday people still had to be paid. Ill send u the link yo watch.

  13. Avatar
    matthew kyle says:

    Thank you for making this video there is a lot going on around us and we need to work together to know the truth about what is going on. Take care and stay safe and keep up the great work God bless you and your family and friends peace be with you all. Calcium hypochlorite kills all viruses and diseases known to man and costs nothing thats why they do not tell us and it is used in hospital as well right before they send you home they give you one capital. You work in hospital and would have seen it or heard about it at one time or another. If not it shows you how much they hide it brother. One thing at a time one step at a time one day at a time. Place looks good nice work and great job doing live streaming videos.

  14. Avatar
    Aussie Prepper says:

    I have videos where they are barring people in the units, they are wedding up the doors, barring the windows and you can hear kids crying, there is also a red huge sticker beside your door, there are going to be so many dead people in their homes, I reckon there’s thousands dead

  15. Avatar
    John Kleinemeier says:

    I called the possibility of the economy last week, one of my other thoughts is, this may be a test run for future warfare, you don't need to spend a billion dollars on a war, when you can fly 8n infected people to take away from resources.

  16. Avatar
    Mickey McH says:

    Regardless of how widespread the virus becomes in the US, China being shutdown will have an initial negative effect on the economy. Any business that uses materials, products, finished items produced in China or sells those goods in many cases are not receiving them at this time. Without materials and goods, businesses in the US and their healthy employees are out of work.

  17. Avatar
    quickdraw the man says:

    I can tell you where this will really take off and that’s if it hits the homeless in California it will be unstoppable, nobody monitors the homeless and it will turn bad if it gets into that environment

  18. Avatar
    quickdraw the man says:

    Ed you mentioned buy preps that you like, which is common since of course, what my wife and I do is we experiment on different foods, will buy something try it and if we like it we buy a ton of it

  19. Avatar
    Boss Prepping says:

    Are you going to quit updating corona virus since all Corona virus post are demonitized now? Ive noticed several channels have stopped talking about it due to not being compensated for the video


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