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How Important is Water Storage & Purification to You?

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When a mysterious cyber-attack cripples civilization, a group of old college friends retreat to a remote country home, where they must cope with an uncertain …
Prepper Burn Treatment

ION: Burn Treatment is an effective pain killer and disinfectant. It is a non-toxic formula of stabilized oxygen molecules in a solution of sodium chloride carbonate and sulfate with glycerin. It works effectively on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-degree burns.

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35 replies
  1. Avatar
    synchromorph says:

    I have already retreated to a country home where I am constantly defending myself against hordes of average IQ zombies having the combined intelligence of a peanut butter sandwich.

  2. Avatar
    MikeDrones says:

    Bunch of left coast losers who piss themselves at the site of a gun, always with their heads up their asses. Oh, wait, here comes the bad military guys ( I bet they vote republican ) AGAIN with that tired, worn out theme. TRASH. Can't write a better storyline. Have to keep recycling that BS. This was terrible.

  3. Avatar
    The WRAITH117 says:

    😐This movie is less about the end of the world and more about personal growth/drama… This movie is a daytime TV soap opera drama thriller dashed with a little bit of apocalypse.
    I do not recommend this movie as the admin apocalyptic movies better then this such as The Book of Eli, The Road, Water World & all the Mad Max’s

  4. Avatar
    Vahan Good says:

    Moral of the story: besides the solar panels, you also need guns and some training. Also it's still a good idea to share some with your neighbors so that they become your friends rather than your enemies.

    Most of us who have some common sense know that in the Real World, shit would've gone down differently – way, way worse for the nerds and that they would not end up on the top.


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